emco entrance mat warranty conditions


Issued: 19/05/2021


Dear customers,

Our products are subject to extremely strict quality controls which means that any of our products failing to function as they should is a matter of great concern to us.

We of course acknowledge any statutory warranty rights which apply without restriction if the statutory requirements are met. However, as the manufacturer, we provide a warranty for the aluminium profiles used in our mats and on the profile connections for the products listed below purchased from us after 31st May 2021 for the duration of the warranty period stated for the relevant product under the conditions stated below:


Product provided with a warranty / Warranty period
emco Diplomat Premium entrance mat 5 years
emco Marschall Premium entrance mat 5 years
emco Diplomat Original entrance mat 4 years
emco Marschall Original entrance mat 4 years
emco TLS entrance mat 4 years
emco Spinsafe entrance mat 4 years
emco Plaza entrance mat 4 years

The warranty period starts with the purchase of the new product from emco Bautechnik GmbH or from one of its subsidiaries.

Scope of warranty / warranty claim
If the fitted aluminium profiles deform within the warranty period or the profile connections loosen within the warranty period on a product provided with a warranty, you can make a claim to have the defective profile or the defective connection repaired or replaced once we have assessed it. For mats located outside the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg or France, warranty claims are restricted to the supply of free replacement parts. If the product is removed from our portfolio within the duration of the warranty or the fitted aluminium profiles or the the profile connections are altered by us, warranty claims are restricted to a payment of 50 Euros for each individual case.

Claiming on the warranty
To claim on the warranty, we must be informed immediately in writing of any deformation of the fitted aluminium profile(s) or any defect in the profile connections within the warranty period. This is to be sent to the following address emco Bautechnik GmbH, Postfach 1860, 49803 Lingen, Germany; bau@emco.de. The notification must include the order confirmation number (this can be found on the underside of the product) and photographs showing the defect. Please make sure the notification also includes a contact address, telephone number and email address which we can use to coordinate the processing of the warranty claim.


Exclusions from warranty claims
Warranty claims are regarded as invalid if the deformation of the fitted aluminium profiles or the defect in the profile connections can be attributed to:

  • changes from the manufactured condition, for example, due to alterations or repairs
  • non-compliance with the loading information given for the product
  • non-compliance with the structural recommendations given for the product
  • incorrect cleaning or failure to clean
  • use of force (e.g. impact or shock loading )
  • interventions by a service company not authorised by us.



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Tel. +49 (0) 591 9140-500 · Fax +49 (0) 591 9140-852
email: bau@emco.de · www.emco-bau.com




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