Swimming pool grates

For public and private swimming pools

Freely configurable. Our pool gratings offer many options for swimming pool design.

emco swimming pool grates are available in a variety of shapes that fit flexibly into your design – whether your pool is rectangular or free form, or a whirlpool.

Our products comply with high safety and hygiene standards and have certified non-slip properties. They are robust and resistant to UV rays, chlorine, sea water and mineral waters.

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emco pool gratings for safe and hygienic swimming pools

For outdoor pools, indoor pools, hotels and wellness facilities, emco produces swimming pool grates in many different versions. Lower the risk of slip and trip accidents. emco pool gratings are sturdy and non-slip.

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Full support

In sensitive fields such as swimming pool construction, it is the details that determine first-class functionality. Expert planning from the start coupled with top-quality components create lasting safety, high comfort levels and a pleasant environment.

We support you through all your planning and implementation stages – from detailed advice right through to installing and fitting the gratings. And we pay particular attention to critical work steps. We support your selection process with both samples and detailed product documentation.


Renovation & Renewal

Old or defective swimming pool gratings are a risk in terms of operational safety.

Regular inspections and repairs are essential. You have come to the right place!

Renovate swimming pool gratings

Cleaning & care

To ensure that you can enjoy the grates for years to come, every delivery includes cleaning and care recommendations that explain how to handle the grates properly and professionally.

Cleaning & maintenance of swimming pool grates

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