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We produce entrance mats for architects with all of the functionality you would expect from an entrance mat. They’re even TÜV-certified. Our entrance mats offer maximum design freedom for architects, whether they’re working on a new-build, refurbishment or renovation project.

Architects around the world plan their projects with emco entrance mats. Learn more about our products. Visit us at a trade fair. Or simply give us a call. We look forward to discussing your projects with you.

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Visitors come in.
Dirt stays out.

Entrance areas are channels that every visitor passes through. emco clean-off systems pick up dirt to protect the entire building from unwanted soiling.

3 dirt collection zones
for immaculate cleanliness.

Coarse dirt. Fine and damp dirt. Residual moisture and dirt. We have developed the 3-zone cleaning system – a combination of various modules that reliably collects all types of dirt. This can be customised down to the last detail to suit the needs of your project.

Zone 1: Entrance matting systems for coarse dirt
Zone 1

Coarse dirt

The first zone uses special inserts to prevent coarse dirt from entering the building.

Zone 2: Entrance matting systems remove fine dirt
Zone 2

Fine and damp dirt

The second zone features slip-resistant material in the inserts that also removes fine dirt.

Zone 3: Entrance matting systems collect damp dirt
Zone 3

Residual moisture and dirt

The third zone collects residual moisture and dirt and prevents slip accidents.

It all comes down to length

Every visitor brings up to 12 grams of dirt into a building, including tiny stones, moisture and even road salt in the winter. This dirt damages your floor coverings and results in high cleaning costs.

The 3-zone cleaning system effectively reduces the ingress of dirt as a costly damaging factor. Its impact improves a little more with each step, too, as the more contact a visitor has with the clean-off system, the stronger its effect becomes.

3-zone-cleaning3-zone-cleaning 1 contacts3-zone-cleaning 2 contacts3-zone-cleaning 3 contacts3-zone-cleaning 4 contacts3-zone-cleaning 5 contacts3-zone-cleaning 6 contacts3-zone-cleaning 7 contacts3-zone-cleaning 8 contacts3-zone-cleaning 9 contacts3-zone-cleaning 10 contacts3-zone-cleaning 11 contacts3-zone-cleaning 12 contacts
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

1,0m 3-zone-cleaning

10% less dirt

  • contacts

  • revolutions

Not all dirt is equal.

That is why emco 3-zone cleaning combines different specialised mats to create a sensible system: optimised for your needs!

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The DIPLOMAT Premium and MARSCHALL Premium entrance mats are TÜV certified. Not only do they keep your building clean, but they also improve safety. They even protect floor coverings, lower cleaning and renovation costs, and improve ecological aspects. What’s more, the design of the entrance mats can be flexibly integrated into the overall architecture.


Entrance mat with TÜV certificate and fire protection


Our emco DIPLOMAT entrance mat is suitable for normal to heavy loads. This universal solution is the perfect choice in a wide range of applications.

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Entrance mat with TÜV certificate and fire protection


emco MARSCHALL is the number-one choice for extreme footfall. This entrance mat is even capable of withstanding the weight of pallet trucks and cars.

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emco customers

Outstanding projects are proof of outstanding products.
emco systems are used in projects of all shapes and
sizes around the world.

Entrance mat for architects
Ulrich Wolbeck, Director at WBR

Architects & Engineers

„Our creativity has known no bounds when it comes to designing and creating buildings, as emco pretty much always has a solution. I regularly work with emco because I know their products are right for the job.“

Entrance mat for architect Wingårdh
Gert Wingårdh, Architect

Building: EMPORIA shopping centre, Malmö, Sweden

„On a project of this scale with such high expectations, both the quality of the design and the development of every last detail have to be just right. emco entrance mats live up to both of these requirements, as well as offering exceptional functionality.“

Entrance mat for architect Dieter Ben Kaufmann empfiehlt emco Eingangsmatte
Dieter Ben Kauffmann, Architect

Technical Building Management

„The number of brands I have come to rely on in over 40 years as an architect is surprisingly low. This is because there aren’t many companies or products that I feel can truly meet the needs of each of the individual trades on site. emco, however, is one of the few companies that can. Whenever the subject of clean-off zones in entrance areas comes up, I always advise the younger architects in the office to make emco their first port of call. After all, the company and its products have been doing a fantastic job for many years now“

Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam
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