Solutions for investors

Solutions for investors

Maintain value with clean-off mats.



Many investors and property developers make the decision to use emco clean-off systems. Clean-off mats maintain the value of your property by protecting floor coverings and keeping cleaning costs to a minimum. Your building will also be more sustainable, whether it’s a new-build, refurbishment or renovation.

Investors and property developers around the world are enjoying the benefits of emco clean-off mats. Learn more about our products. Visit us at a trade fair. Or simply give us a call. We look forward to discussing your projects with you.

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Here’s something you can’t afford to miss as an investor in entrance areas.
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Visitors come in.
Dirt stays in the clean-off mat.

Entrance areas are channels that every visitor passes through. emco clean-off systems pick up dirt to protect the entire building from unwanted soiling.

3 dirt collection
zones for immaculate

Coarse dirt. Fine and damp dirt. Residual moisture and dirt. We have developed the 3-zone cleaning system –
a combination of various modules that reliably collects all types of dirt. This can be customised down to the
last detail to suit the needs of your project.


Remove dirt with clean-off mat
Zone 1

Coarse dirt

The first zone uses special inserts to prevent coarse dirt from entering the building.

Remove fine dirt with clean-off mat
Zone 2

Fine and damp dirt

The second zone features slip-resistant material in the inserts that also removes fine dirt.

Clean-off mat for damp dirt
Zone 3

Residual moisture and dirt

The third zone collects residual moisture and dirt and prevents slip accidents.

It all comes down to length

Every visitor brings up to 12 grams of dirt into a building, including tiny stones, moisture and even road salt in the winter. This dirt damages your floor coverings and results in high cleaning costs.

The 3-zone cleaning system effectively reduces the ingress of dirt as a costly damaging factor. Its impact improves a little more with each step, too, as the more contact a visitor has with the clean-off system, the stronger its effect becomes.

3-zone-cleaning3-zone-cleaning 1 contacts3-zone-cleaning 2 contacts3-zone-cleaning 3 contacts3-zone-cleaning 4 contacts3-zone-cleaning 5 contacts3-zone-cleaning 6 contacts3-zone-cleaning 7 contacts3-zone-cleaning 8 contacts3-zone-cleaning 9 contacts3-zone-cleaning 10 contacts3-zone-cleaning 11 contacts3-zone-cleaning 12 contacts
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3


10%less dirt

  • contacts

  • revolutions

Design clean-off mats

We offer you the freedom you need to bring your entrance area vision to life.
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Not all dirt is equal.

That is why emco 3-zone cleaning combines different specialised mats to create a sensible system: optimised for your needs!

Premium on the outside. Premium on the inside.

emco Premium clean-off mats are TÜV certified. Compare our clean-off mats with other products on the market and see for yourself.

DS class
Increase by 40%
Reduced by 20 dB
mats Tested for emissions/pollutants
Premium Matte gegen Feuchtigkeit
Fire protection class A1
Eingangsmatte mit vielen Einsatzmöglichkeiten
TÜV-certified entrance mats

Your route to an emco entrance mat

We will support you throughout the development and implementation of your project – and even beyond.

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1 Advice and measurements

Our team will analyse your situation and work with you to design your ideal clean-off system. We will even take the on-site measurements for you.

Request advice
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2 Select an entrance mat

Browse through our extensive range and choose the right clean-off mat for your new-build, refurbishment or project in no time.

Product finder
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3 Special solutions

Discover our exclusive solutions for special requirements in the entrance area and beyond.

Special mats
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4 Request a quote

It couldn’t be easier to put your own individual selection together in just a few steps for a straightforward, non-binding quote!

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5 Installation

Contact a specialist company to install the installation frame. We will handle the installation of your new clean-off mat.

[Translate to English:] Clean-off mat repair
6 Replacement and repairs

Heavily worn inserts that are in need of renewal can be replaced. Our service team will be on hand to help you with this at any time.

Clean-off service
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Cleaning your new clean-off mat couldn’t be easier.
Try out the service we offer! Here’s where you’ll find out more.


Premium clean-off
mats for the most
demanding applications.

The DIPLOMAT Premium and MARSCHALL Premium clean-off mats are TÜV certified. Offering perfect cleaning results and maximum safety, these polyamide clean-off mats are the number-one choice for architectural projects where attractive design is everything.


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Unsere Sauberlaufmatte emco DIPLOMAT ist ausgelegt für normale bis starke Belastungen. Sie ist für viele Anforderungen die richtige Lösung.

zur Premium Sauberlaufmatte DIPLOMAT
[Translate to English:] emco MARSCHALL Sauberlaufmatte


Bei starker Belastung: Die Sauberlaufmatte emco MARSCHALL schützt effektiv gegen Verschmutzung. Sie ist so stabil, dass Sie mit PKW befahren werden kann.

zur Premium Sauberlaufmatte MARSCHALL

Logo mats are an exceptional advertising medium, whether they’re square or any other shape you like. Not only do they collect residual dirt and moisture, but they are also easy to clean.

Logo mats


The German Sustainable Building Council
emco receives research award
emco receives German Brand Award
ISO certified processes at emco
Member of the Association of German Architects
emco is a member of the German Shopfitters and Suppliers Network
emco Bau wins Best Dirt-Trap System 2018

Satisfied emco customers

Outstanding projects are proof of outstanding products. emco clean-off mats are used in projects of all shapes and sizes around the world.

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