emco INOX®

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Premium-quality, eye-catching stainless-steel profile with laser-cut text and logos for emco entrance mat systems. Freely selectable positioning and fonts.

Construction height in mm 12
Technical details Material: chrome-nickel steel (V2A). Suitable for emco Diplomat 512. Profile width 50 mm. Different fonts and special widths available. An additional sheet with a thickness of 1 mm is also inserted b
Material: Chrome-nickel steel (V2A). Suitable for emco Diplomat 517/522. Profile width 50 mm. Different fonts and several widths available. An additional 1 mm thin sheet is inserted beneath the stain
Material: Chromium-nickel steel (V2A). Suitable for emco Diplomat 517/522/517L/522L and emco Marschall 517S/522S/517SL/522SL. Profile width 50 mm Partially with surplus width for optical accents. Ind
Approx. material thickness (mm) 1,5
Height (mm) 12
Mat type emco INOX®

Frequently Asked Questions

The door drags across the mat - what to do?

Depending on the inlay of the entrance mat, the product may be slightly higher than the indicated 12, 17 or 22mm. That's right, so that the insert protrudes a little from the frame and can develop its effect. In rare cases, it may cause the door...

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What is a minor repair at Commercial entrance mats?

By minor repairs we mean repairs that can be carried out on site without the use of spare parts on 10% of the bars. This includes, for example, fixing of inserts, grinding of profiles or straightening of bent profiles (according to feasibility).

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What is a fine adjustment for Commercial entrance mats?

With the help of fine adjustment, an exact fit of the entrance mat to the frame is made. The mat is compressed, left out, sanded or sawn in partial areas or in its entirety so that the product can be optimally embedded in the frame. After the...

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What is a "mat bed"?

Mat bed refers to the recess/depression/entrance in the floor into which an entrance mat is placed. The well-prepared mat bed is the basis for the longevity of the product. An uneven (not flat) mat bed can cause the entrance mat to stand up and...

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How do I care for & clean my Commercial entrance mats?

Here you will find the cleaning and care instructions for our Commercial entrance mats. We will be happy to help you with the care. Get to know our extensive range of services.

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How are installation frames mounted?

You can find the latest instructions for our products in our download area.

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Is a centered division always correct?

No. Once the mat is divided, the entrance situation should be carefully considered. Depending on the planning of the passenger traffic on site, a central division of the mat can be right as well as wrong. For individual planning please contact...

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Can I still do without the factory standard division?

Yes. You can specify with us a division according to customer requirements. We try to consider and implement every wish. We ask for your understanding that we have to pass on the use of more personnel for the assembly and additional costs for the...

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Why is a mat divided?

By dividing the input mat, section weights are reduced and the product becomes more manageable to reduce workloads in manufacturing, installation regular cleaning. In 2020, 32 percent of all sick days in Germany were due to musculoskeletal or...

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What is a factory standard division?

The factory standard pitch gives mutually dependent values from when an entrance mat is divided in width and/or walking depth. Currently, an entrance mat is split when it exceeds 30kg, or when the walking depth exceeds 2000mm or the bar length...

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Is there a warranty for Commercial entrance mats?

Yes. For our Commercial entrance mats Original we provide 4 years warranty. For our Commercial entrance mats Premium we provide even 5 years warranty. You can find more detailed information in our warranty conditions.

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Are there special solutions for the object area?

Yes. Contact us personally and let us advise you. Outside business hours? We report! Contact now

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How high should an entrance mat be?

Our Commercial entrance mats are available in heights of 12mm, 17mm and 22mm. Additionally still in an extremely resilient variant in 42mm. The most common height is 22mm. This is not only more resilient than the heights 12 and 17mmm, it is...

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