Why is a mat divided?

By dividing the input mat, section weights are reduced and the product becomes more manageable to reduce workloads in manufacturing, installation regular cleaning.

In 2020, 32 percent of all sick days in Germany were due to musculoskeletal or connective tissue disorders. In the skilled trades it was 354%, in the construction and finishing trades even 423%. Dabei waren Beschäftigte am Bau nicht häufiger, wohl aber deutlich länger als der Durchschnitt krank(Fehlzeiten-Analyse der IKK Classic 2020).

Please also take into account that large mat installations outside of our factory standard may result in additional costs in addition to health-related charges:

  • Transport costs may rise
  • Cleaning may be necessary for weight reasons. be performed only by 2 persons
  • Repairs or maintenance measures are more complex.

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