emco DIPLOMAT Original SPIN®Safe With rubber insert


The tactile guidance system for the very highest standards in design and functionality.

Approx. height (mm) 15.9
Connection Plastic-coated steel cable
Weight (kg/m²) 27,7
Profile width (mm) 28.65 mm
Support chassis Made using rigid aluminium with sound absorbing insulation on the underside
Tread surface Recessed, robust, weather-proof profiled rubber inserts. Combined with stainless steel tiles for optimum way guidance for the blind and visually impaired (acc. to DIN 32984) in the entrance area.
Slip resistance Slip-resistance of the rubber insert: R9, slip-resistance of the stainless steel tiles: R10 (in accordance with DIN 51130)
Usage area Apartment building
Family home
medical practice
Offices and administrative buildings
Retail sector
Retirement homes and Care-/Nursery Homes
Sports hall
Dirt collection zone Outside (Zone 1)
Examples of type of dirt Street dust, hair, sand, ash, textile fibres, small leaves and twigs, loose chippings, coarse sand, small gravel particles
Type of dirt Collects coarse dirt
Mat type emco SPIN®Safe Original
Insert style Rubber insert
Insert type Original
Area Covered outdoor areas
Indoor areas

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