High-quality & classic pool gratings

Exactly the right one for your requirements

With our large selection of high-quality and classic pool gratings, we have the right products for your needs. Whether your pool is rectangular or free-form, practically any grating pattern can be created with emco pool gratings. All our gratings are custom made to order. Alongside a wide range of construction heights and a high degree of design flexibility, our high-quality gratings also give you the option of special colours. Meanwhile, our classic gratings offer outstanding value for money.

All our gratings have a safety profile seal. They have been tested for non-slip properties by the Säurefliesner-Vereinigung (German institute for wall and floor coverings) and awarded the highest classification level (level C).

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Rolling foot grid with rounded upper profile surface, available for all channels
    Rolling foot grid with flat upper profile surface, available for all channels
      Parallel grid with rounded upper profile surface
        Parallel grid with flat upper profile surface
          Rigid grid with longer elements to push together
            Rigid grid with short elements to push together

              High-quality gratings

              ✓ choice of heights, widths and colours

              ✓ for public and private swimming pools and whirlpools with overflow channel

              ✓ design freedom with customised shapes

              ✓ with installation plans and position numbers on the gratings

              ✓ bespoke application options

              ✓ types 723, 720, 724, 721


              Classic gratings

              ✓ single construction height

              ✓ for public and private swimming pools with overflow channel

              ✓ easy to handle

              ✓ excellent value for money

              ✓ bespoke application options

              ✓ types 760, 760E


              Have we sparked your interest? Then please contact us directly and arrange a consultation.


              Information signs

              emco swimming pool grates types 723 (720), 724 (721) and 760 are also available with information signs.

              The signs are blue as standard and have a rough (textured) surface into which white lettering or figures are engraved. They are countersunk flush into the grating surface by milling and are firmly attached to the grating.

              • Material: plastic
              • Background colour: blue
              • Lettering colour: white
              • Lettering height: approx. 80 mm
              • Sign thickness: 3.2 mm

              Corner solutions

              Mitred corner (all angles)

              Fan corner (135˚–179˚)

              Not available for types 724/721 and 760.

              Right-angled corner (90˚)


              All emco swimming pool grates use materials chosen for their high resistance to breakage and stability. The approved grating widths are the result of many years’ testing and ensure a secure footing on swimming pool grates is always possible. emco test standards are based on maximum tolerated deflections under normal loads in barefoot wet areas and not on the breaking loads that define the material failure limits. The safety requirements of DIN EN 13451-1 are fully covered by emco’s quality standards and test methods.


              Colour fastness

              The swimming pool grates used in outdoor swimming pools can be exposed to severe weather conditions. These areas require the use of weather-proof plastics that can withstand the negative effects of UV radiation on their appearance (colour fastness) and their mechanical properties.

              The tailored addition of UV-stabilising additives, in the special colour formulations of the emco swimming pool grating profiles, allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors.
              To protect the materials and ensure their coloursare maintained over time, we recommend cleaning them according to our care and cleaning instructions.


              Swimming pool grate service

              We recommend emco’s consulting, measuring and installation service. The experience gained from more than 50 years of swimming pool grating production gives us an expertise that guarantees success from the start. The advantages are clear:

              ✓ Best possible result from the start

              ✓ Avoidance of costly and time-consuming changes

              ✓ Professional solutions to specific problems

              ✓ Speedy service availability throughout Germany



              Available colours: standard colours

              • white (similar to RAL 9010)
              • grey (similar to RAL 7001)
              • beige (similar to RAL 1001)
              • yellow (similar to RAL 1018)

              Special colours: from the RAL Classic colour chart (on request)


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