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There are many good reasons for choosing a custom-printed Clean Off mat. Are you looking for a quality mat for your company advertising, or are you interested in a promotional campaign with photorealistic printing on a mat? Perhaps our advertising runners are the right choice for you if you want to put large areas to use as advertising media. Are you only interested in the look, or also in the technical benefits such as dirt and moisture absorption?

The choice is yours – with advertising and promotional mats from emco.

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Sonderformen Fußmatten

Out of the ordinary

Move off the beaten path and include floor surfaces in your advertising campaign. Our printed floor mats are Made in Germany and combine great practicality with good looks. There are no limits to the bespoke design and the uses to which they can be put. The mats can be used as bicycle mats, service and tank mats, motorbike mats, garage mats, dart mats, environmental mats, advertising media, give-aways, merchandise or simply as a first calling card for the entrance area.

Everything you need to know about advertising and logos on carpet mats.

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