Hygiene mats

Safe, secure solutions for different application areas

emco hygiene mats have proved their worth for decades in wet areas where there’s a risk of slipping and foot infections. emco hygiene mats are the ideal solution in these conditions – particularly in public pools, where the high frequency of use means hygiene and accident prevention are especially important, but also in private swimming pools and saunas. It is easy to use emco hygiene mats as a design element as they are simply laid on the floor.

They are readily available in the established standard widths of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm. However, other widths up to max. 2000 mm (type 600) and 1200 mm (type 601) can also be produced on request..

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The hygiene mat for indoor areas
    Hygiene mat for outdoor areas

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      The ideal solution for your application area

      Additional areas of application for hygiene mats include shower facilities, changing rooms, solariums and fitness studios.

      These mats are made with only high-quality plastics that guarantee high wear resistance, durability and excellent hygiene due to the non-porous, closed surface. Their construction method means that all hygiene mats are corrosion-free and rollable and can be easily rinsed. The temperature range for emco hygiene mats is 0° to 60° C.

      Please note: hygiene mats only have limited suitability for installation underwater.

      Hygiene mats 600

      ✓ attractive appearance due to low construction height
      ✓ repels athlete’s foot
      ✓ wide choice of colours

      Hygiene mats 601

      ✓ UV-resistant
      ✓ also suitable for outdoor areas
      ✓ resistant to both bacteria and fungi thanks to antibacterial and fungicidal finish

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