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Harmonious and attractive overall appearance.The emco 723 Design swimming pool grate has won four design and innovation awards: the Red Dot Award, German Design Award, Golden Wave and the French Laureat innovation prize went to the emco swimming pool grate. In terms of aesthetics and flexibility, the emco 723 Design offers a unique solution for covering overflow channels.

emco 723 Design can be elegantly combined with the tile or natural stone material of the area surrounding the pool.

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(plastic insert that can be tiled over, running perpendicular to the pool edge)
    (plastic insert for that can be tiled over, running perpendicular to the rounded pool edge)

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      Award-winning swimming pool grate.

      With the emco 723 Design, emco has created an innovative solution for covering overflow channels. The tailor-made plastic insert is bonded on site with tiled or natural stone strips. This allows the grating to be stylishly integrated into the area surrounding the pool. The emco 723 Design has already won several awards for its timeless design.

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      Hotel, spa and private swimming pools

      Optimum applications for the emco 723 Design: swimming pools in which the main focus is on the visually harmonious integration of the swimming pool grate with the edge of the pool.

      Drainage instructions

      Are you asking yourself whether the water drainage with an overflow channel largely covered with tiles or natural stone is big enough? We will show you with a practical video using a counterflow system in a private pool.

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      A visually very appealing product that sits perfectly in the area surrounding the pool.

      – Cathrin Schultz, Dipl.-Ing. Architect BDA

      The accuracy of the specifications in the emco installation plan and water-jet layout meant the tile strips were the perfect match for the 723 DESIGN plastic insert.

      – Rainer Schönenborn, Master Tiler

      Our international client was very happy with the product! Besides its appearance, its completely metal-free design is particularly appreciated.

      Denny Zießnitz, KMD Projekt GmbH, Gotha

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