emco Clean-off system CONFORM SE

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Exclusive velour, recycled ECONYL yarn, tailored to suit appearance of wood and designer floors, low-flammability version: fire classification Cfl-s1

Overall height (mm) 8.5 mm
Colour 76.01 Anthracite
76.02 Beige
76.04 Brown
76.10 grey
Mocha 76.03
Construction Tufting-Velours 1/8''
Pile above substrate 100% polyamide ECONYL
Substrate material Polyester fleece
Backing material Synthetic latex
Pile weight / fibre weight 1.200
Total weight (g/m²) 2.400
Tuft density/m² 132.280
Flammability Cfl-s1
Comfort value Luxurious
Slip resistance DS (EN 13893)
Certificates CE conformity EN 14041 (rolls only)
Supplied as rolls SE/Bfl-s1 400 cm wide (no border)
Product characteristics Soiling and moisture absorption
Laying This material must generally be laid with a suitable adhesive across its whole surface area. The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed when working with the adhesive.
Cleaning Dirt removal with powerful brush vacuum cleaner. The spray extraction process is recommended for periodic basic cleaning. Cleaning with plenty of water is absolutely no problem, water temperature sho
Brand emco
Type of dirt clean-off system for protection against damp dirt (zone 3)
Area Indoor areas
Comfort level Luxurious
Suitable for buildings class 33 (heavy commercial use)

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Clean-off for dirt-trapping zones in sheets, mats and tiles.

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