Architectural gem with history

In Pforzheim an der Enz, the old gasometer dating from 1912 was converted into a spectacular exhibition venue in just eight months – that was in 2014. In the meantime, changing sensational exhibitions have been shown and the gasometer has advanced to become Pforzheim’s jewel. This has been made possible by the committed entrepreneur and art promoter Wolfgang Scheidtweiler together with his partners from the Parkhotel Pforzheim. More than 600,000 visitors have come since the opening.

Exciting views

The 40-metre-high stainless-steel cylinder, with its imposing guide scaffolding providing a striking visual effect, cannot be seen for what unfolds inside. The huge dimensions are made for the extraordinary: the gasometer and its interior form an exciting dialogue between technical monument and art medium. Thus, during the renovation and new construction, views of the old riveted gas boiler were created again and again in order to include and honour the engineering art and industrial technology of the past century.

Cleanliness from the vestibule onwards

Commercial entrance mats from emco have been installed in the Gasometer’s vestibule to ensure that the structure remains clean. The durability and resilience of the mats are convincing: there have been around 1,400,000 footfalls since the opening, and vacuuming once a week has been enough to keep the mats looking as good as new. Besides pedestrians, wheelchairs and prams have passed through the entrance – and the Commercial entrance mats have mastered all challenges without any problems. But that’s not all: the high efficiency of the mats in terms of dirt absorption protects the adjacent floor coverings and reduces the cleaning intervals – thus also the costs for personnel and cleaning agents.

“Despite the permanent load, our showrooms remain presentable at all times thanks to emco’s Commercial entrance mats.”

– Wolfgang Scheidtweiler,
Operator Gasometer Pforzheim

Permanent load no problem

The operator is highly satisfied with how effectively the entrance mat does its job despite continuous loading. It has already survived more than 1,400,000 walk-throughs without a blemish “Regular cleaning is all that has happened on our part since the mat was laid – and the mat works perfectly. An excellent decision that has already paid for itself in terms of costs,” says Managing Director Wolfgang Scheidtweiler.