emco swimming pool grate Model 724

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Parallel grid with rounded upper profile surface

Height 22 mm
25 mm
27 mm
35 mm
Colour beige – similar to RAL 1001
grey – similar to RAL 7001
white – similar to RAL 9010
yellow – similar to RAL 1018
Profile run Rigid swimming pool grating with grating bars running parallel to the pool edge
Material Entirely corrosion-free and resistant to chlorine, sea water and spa water.
High quality, extremely hard-wearing plastic, with UV absorber.
No need for any metal parts; surface enclosed on all sides to provide maximum hygiene.
Support chassis (22 x 10 mm)
(25 x 10 mm)
(27 x 10 mm)
(35 x 10 mm)
Full profile
Finish Round upper profile surface with safety profile seal (SPS).
Profile spacing: < 8 mm in accordance with DIN EN 13451-1 and DIN EN 16582-1 (to prevent areas where fingers could become trapped)
Connection Fibre-glass reinforced polyester pipes as connection elements
Slip resistance Non-slip in accordance with DIN 51097, classification C – tested by the "Institut der Säurefliesner-Vereinigung" (Säurefliesner consortium)
Variable grating width (mm) 100-300
Radial layout yes
Usage area Public and private swimming pools with overflow channels
Whirlpools with overflow channels
Dimensions Produced to fit width and depth perfectly without the need for alignment profiles
During the winter season When not in use, the swimming pool gratings (if they are being used in open-air swimming pools) should be put into storage and covered with suitable protection to prevent unnecessary damage and soili
Properties Custom application options
Excellent water drainage

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