emco hygiene mat 601

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Hygiene mat for outdoor areas

Height 14.5 mm
Colour blue
Material Entirely corrosion-free and resistant to chlorine, sea water and spa water.
Upper and lower bars made from soft PVC, securely bonded. Upper bar also profiled
Slip resistance Non-slip in accordance with DIN 51097, classification C – tested by the "Institut der Säurefliesner-Vereinigung" (Säurefliesner consortium)
Comment Note: Hygiene mats are only conditionally suitable for installation underwater!
Cut max. 1200 mm
Usage area Adventure pools and thermal baths
Dental and chemical laboratories
Fitness studios
Indoor and outdoor pools
Passageways on boats, etc.
Rehabilitation clinics and hospitals
Shower facilities
Showers (bathrooms)
Sports centres
Swimming pools
Dimensions Produced to fit width and depth perfectly without the need for alignment profiles
Properties Also suitable for outdoor areas
Good water drainage
Prevents both bacteria and fungi growing thanks to antibacterial and fungicidal treatment
UV resistant
Standard width (mm) 1000 mm
600 mm
800 mm

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