emco Clean-off system SCRATCH2 tiles

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emco SCRATCH2 fulfils a dual function by means of a new type of material combination: Coarse dirt is brushed off and moisture is absorbed in the best possible way. Up to 90% less dirt is carried into the interior. This ensures that the value of your carpet, parquet flooring or stone floor is effectively retained. An investment that pays for itself: emco SCRATCH2 saves up to 65% of cleaning costs. In order to benefit from the maximum clean-off effect, emco SCRATCH2 should be laid with the rows running at right angles to the direction in which people will walk across it.

Overall height (mm) 9 mm
Construction Tufting-Velours 1/8''
Pile above substrate 100% polyamide ECONYL
Substrate material Polyester fleece
Backing material Bitumen
Pile weight / fibre weight 750
Total weight (g/m²) 3.850
Tuft density/m² 116.000
Flammability Bfl-s1
Comfort value High
Slip resistance DS (EN 13893)
Certificates CE conformity EN 14041 (rolls only)
Supplied as tiles approx. 50 x 50 cm without a border (with asphalt coating)
Product characteristics Soiling and moisture absorption
Laying Clean-off tiles must be removed from their packaging and allowed to stand for 24 hours to acclimatise. Our clean-off tiles are suitable for laying without bonding due to the heavy-duty bitumen coatin
Cleaning Dirt removal with powerful brush vacuum cleaner. The spray extraction process is recommended for periodic basic cleaning. Cleaning with plenty of water is absolutely no problem, water temperature sho
Brand emco
Type of dirt clean-off system for protection against damp dirt (zone 3)
Area Indoor areas
Comfort level High
Suitable for buildings Property suitable inlay 33

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Clean-off for dirt-trapping zones in sheets, mats and tiles.

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