emco swimming pool grates – Safe. Stylish. Clean.

Lingen, 09. March 2022 – emco Bautechnik GmbH has provided a wide selection of swimming pool grates for public and private installations for over fifty years. In this interview, emco Key Account Manager Klaus Meiners talks about trends and applications for emco products.

emco is the market leader for swimming pool grates in Germany and several other European countries.

So what sets its products apart from the rest?

“In short: high quality combined with custom production and a comprehensive advice and service network. emco swimming pool grates are renowned for their absolute safety and hygiene, they also feel pleasant to walk on, and their design blends harmoniously into the overall effect. We can supply our swimming pool grates with practically any grating pattern, and we offer flexible production to order. Other advantages are related to the selection and processing of the material, which give it great stability, strength and durability. Our choice of high-quality plastics as profile materials makes emco swimming pool grates fully recyclable.”


What are the current trends?

“We believe that environmental and cost factors influence our customers’ decisions. Budgets are tight for public swimming pool projects. As well as environmental considerations, the amount of money needed to invest in new plastic grating for the pool before the next full renovation also makes a difference financially.

The opposite is true in domestic swimming pool installations: for some time now, the cocooning trend has meant that people are increasingly investing in their own homes. There is a strong desire for individuality and high design standards in this segment.”

How do you support customers?

“We guide them through all the planning and implementation steps, from a detailed initial consultation to installing the grating. Our trained employees advise customers on site with selection and implementation. Particular focuses include measuring dimensions for production, and installing and fine-tuning on site to ensure the best possible fit for custom contours. Our service team is available all over Europe.“

How high are aesthetic requirements?

“Extremely high, but we never lose sight of the functionality of the grates. We have developed the 723 DESIGN for private swimming pool projects, which allows easier visual integration of the grate in the overall architecture. It has won four design and innovation awards: Red Dot Award, German Design Award, Golden Wave, and the French Laureat innovation award. Cathrin Schultz (Dipl.-Ing.), a member of the Association of German Architects (BDA), commented, “An aesthetically pleasing product that integrates harmoniously in the pool border. We are very proud of this.”