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Design freedom
For special requirements.

Building a property turns an overall concept into a reality. Our aim is to bring your concept to life in the entrance area as well. We have developed solutions which convert an entrance mat into a design mat.

Large entrance with LED elements. Displaying logotypes. Round shapes. Anodised colour profiles. It’s all possible.

Design mats by emco. For demanding concepts.

guidance for the visually-impaired

Find our how our tactile solutions make your property accessible for blind and visually-impaired visitors. Download the brochure now

Design mats. Intricate but tough.

Laser-cut steel for brilliant results.

Logo and logotype on your entrance mat!

We can easily integrate your message or logo into your entrance mat. Stainless steel, contour-cut elements, with coloured background on request.

landscape format, contour-cut logotype on entrance mat
INOX® Lineo

Display your logotype in landscape format, your USP or your message on your entrance mat. INOX® Lineo allows you to make use of the full width of your entrance mat. Contour-cut elements with coloured background on request.

portrait logo on entrance mat
INOX® Quadro

Particularly well-suited for displaying your logo. INOX® Quadro is a prominent, rectangular stainless steel element which emphasises the area around your design. Your design is contour-cut out of the material and can be provided with a coloured background on request.

Your concept. Your design
Individually printed inserts.

Large structures. Whole-room designs. Match colour concepts and shapes.

Individually printed inserts continue the spatial design on the entrance mat. Shapes and colours in the area are transformed into shapes and colours on the floor.

entrance area design

round shapes with cleaning function

Specifically for revolving doors and circular entrance areas. emco RADIAL fits neatly into your concept. Hard-wearing and therefore suitable for high-traffic areas.

circular lobby

Colour-matched profiles
for perfect harmony.

Anodised profiles provide new design options. Combining them with different types and colours of insert provides interesting harmonious or high-contrast designs.

Black anodised profiles
Black C35

Black anodised profiles provide a particularly elegant, powerful, modern and professional look. When combined with dark inserts, it creates the impression of a smooth surface. Interesting contrasts can be produced by using other colours.

Gold profiles
Gold EV3

Gold profiles are a good fit in classic entrance areas. Matching inserts highlight the stylish, sophisticated effect. This is particularly attractive when combined with natural stone.

Brown anodised profiles
Bronze C33

Brown anodised profiles emphasise the cool visuals of the aluminium. They create a welcoming, down-to-earth impression and are a particularly good match with wooden floors when combined with the appropriate inserts.

[Translate to English:] Aluprofil mit Edelstahleffekt
stainless steel C31

With their silver colour-tone, stainless steel anodised profiles look classically timeless and form an elegant contrast, in combination with dark ambient colours. Another plus point: they reduce light reflection.

black mat profiles for individual colour scheme

Bright and welcoming. Your entrance area.

Welcome your visitors. The emco LUMINA and LUMINA VIA lighting strips provide an elegant LED frame for your emco entrance mat. Create a welcoming atmosphere.

illuminated frame for design mat

LEDs improve orientation at dusk and in the dark. Create a particularly welcoming, professional atmosphere. LUMINA is a low-energy, maintenance-free solution and can be used with all entrance mats with a height of 22 mm.

design mat with controllable lighting

Consistent LED lighting provides a particularly elegant, modern effect. The colour of LUMINA VIA lighting can be changed by smart phone, tablet or by remote control.

Neatly installed mats.
The T-profile.

Large entrance mats are often made up of several mats in a single mat well. Any gaps are closed with the T-profile. Clear separation improves the overall visual effect and wear at open joint edges is avoided.

Connection for large entrance mats

Shape mats. Flexible format. Flexible motif.

emco IMAGE STYLE knows virtually no bounds! We print your motif on suitably practical material. Then we cut the mat to shape according to your specifications.


We make contoured shape mats for customers via our custom format range. They are a unique way to deliver your message or for stylish signposting. We use material that traps moisture and dirt, which then washes out easily.

emco design mats - meeting the challenges of building design

End-to-end building design. Design elements for emco entrance mats convert concepts into architecture. Design mats for your design concept.

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