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Emco Clean Off is available in various grades and designs. But most of the products have one thing in common: they are not usually single-coloured. This is not just for purely visual reasons to make the product more interesting. Thanks to the various mottled patterns (LINK FAQ), the products can do their work “in peace”. Because dirt deposits are not as noticeable and don’t become unsightly so quickly!

Nevertheless: just because the dirt isn’t seen straight away, the Clean Off “works” at absorbing as much or it as possible. Regular maintenance improves dirt uptake and thus protected the indoor floor covering.

Emco Clean Off is designed for use in buildings. We recommend the use of Clean Off as a third zone for moisture and residual dirt. Zone one for coarse dirt and zone two for fine and damp dirt. The Outdoor Clean Off product can be used not only in indoor areas, but also in roofed outdoor areas (coarse dirt).

Clean Off products usually have a vinyl backing. They are subject to the risk of plasticiser migration (FAQ) if the products are laid on a vinyl (design) floor. Installing a separating layer (emco Prima) is recommended. The separating layer prevents the risk of plasticiser migration and, at the same time, prevents the mats from slipping.

If products that are not fixed to the floor (mats) have to be stored, we recommend dry storage at room temperature in a dark place.

Clean Off mats must be stored lying flat, stacked backing to pile side. The border must never be bent. Irreparable stress whitening (FAQ) may occur and make the border become brittle.

All Clean Off products can be cleaned quickly and easily with a powerful brush vacuum cleaner for maintenance cleaning. Vacuum cleaners with one or two brush rolls remove the dirt right down to the substrate material. The brushes also lift the pile upright again and keep the pile layer “open” to new dirt.

For small mats, deep cleaning with high pressure can be carried out. Clean the product with a pressure washer (distance at least 30cm) in a suitable location. The water temperature should not be more than 40°C. Then hang the mat up and leave it to dry. In the case of heavy soiling, a cleaning product can be applied to the mat with the pressure washer prior to cleaning and carefully worked in with a brush. The cleaning product can also be added to the pressure washer water. Use a neutral cleaning product*.

Note: Never use solvents based on chlorinated hydrocarbons!

Spray extraction is perfect for an interim clean of large Clean Off runners. In the spray extraction method, water is injected under high pressure (with the addition of a neutral cleaning product if necessary) into the product and subsequently sucked out. Finally, the products are rinsed with clear water several times.

Spray extraction is perfect for an interim clean of Clean Off floor coverings fixed to the floor. Finally, the products are rinsed with clear water several times.

Even more intensive cleaning can be carried out with a contra-rotating 3-disc machine. Apply cleaning products with the machine and rinse and vacuum with a rinsing and vacuum machine. Use a neutral cleaning product* to rinse away grease, oil or chemicals in lukewarm water.

A scrubbing machine can be used for extremely dirty Clean Off zones that are stuck to the whole area. Stubborn dirt (e.g. fats or oils) require regular scrubbing at short intervals (depending on the level of dirt).

Note: Never use solvents based on chlorinated hydrocarbons!

For Clean Off tiles, large-scale wet cleaning should be avoided or only carried out with caution in small areas (e.g. removing stains) because water could get in the joins.

When cleaning Clean-off tiles, stick to dry cleaning (e.g. HOST method)

Treat stains as early as possible as some substances can cause permanent damage to fibres and inks. How quickly you act will determine how successfully the mat can be cleaned. Nearly 80% of all fresh stains can be removed with clean water. Sponge off and absorb liquids with a towel (or something similar). Concentrated, dried-in substances such as chewing gum must be loosened (e.g. with a flexible scraper) and brushed out. Water-soluble stains should be remoistened with a little water and sponged off. Please note that stains must be sponged off and not rubbed in. Always work from the outer edges inwards to avoid making the stains bigger. Repeat this process if necessary. If you are not able to remove stubborn stains using this method, contact us for recommendations of suitable products.

*The cleaning product manufacturer’s instructions for use and dosage must be strictly adhered to.

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We do not accept any liability for damage resulting from failure to observe these cleaning and care instructions or from improper use of emco products.