What work must entrance mats do in shopping malls?

In bad weather, each visitor to a shopping centre carries an average of 12 g of dirt into the building. With 25,000 visitors a day, a clean-off system must collect 300 kg of coarse, fine and residual dirt. This is best achieved with a 3-zone clean-off system consisting of cassette brushes, ribbed carpet inserts and clean-off mat. It saves you cleaning costs and protects the high-quality floors in the shopping centre.

You value:

  • fire protection
  • low-emission building products
  • building certification
  • non-slip properties
  • extremely resilient floors for high visitor numbers
  • protection for high-quality floors

Our recommendations:

Best choice

Marschall Premium 522 PSL Care

  • wider profiles mean even greater ability to withstand rolling traffic
  • more insert ensures greater moisture collection
  • sound-absorbing insulation for a quieter entrance area
  • improved wear, no wear-path formation

Top seller

Marschall Original 522 SR

  • more gaps for greater fine-dirt uptake
  • additional drive-over performance
  • good wear
  • tried-and-tested insert with good functionality

Inside and out

Marschall 522 PSL Outdoor

  • wider profiles mean even greater ability to withstand rolling traffic
  • improved wear, no wear-path formation

Naturally, our product recommendations are available in three different heights (12, 17, 22 mm), two profile widths (normal and large) and different inserts, each with specific properties. Choose the perfect entrance mat for your property.
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The emco 3-zone cleaning system.

A practical combination to reduce dirt.

  1. Removal of coarse dirt
  2. Removal of fine dirt
  3. Collection of moisture and residual dirt

Printed Logo mats.

Your name. Your calling card. Your uniqueness.

emco logo mats can be custom printed and absorb high levels of moisture and residual dirt. They combine impressive functionality with an eye-catching look. And emco IMAGE logo mats are washable, too

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