emco dirt collection wells Maximum design scope and efficient drainage

Dirt and moisture accumulate particularly quickly in high-footfall entrance areas and it is important to make sure these are not carried inside the building. Dirt collection wells can also capture large amounts of street dirt and provide optimum drainage for rain and snow to protect the floors in the building. emco Bautechnik GmbH’s products offer maximum design scope for architectural requirements and allow easy, flexible installation.

“The combination of very hard-wearing entrance mats and dirt collection wells with integrated drainage ensures effective cleaning and reduces the frequency of deep cleans. This ultimately saves costs and preserves the value of the floors inside the building,” explains Carsten Niehoff, Head of Architecture & Global Accounts at emco Bautechnik GmbH. Extensive design scope and custom shapes make it possible to adapt emco dirt collection wells to specific features on site.


Easy installation, outstanding durability

“We have revised and improved our product design. Previously, the support surfaces were screwed in place, with the screws inserted under the well in the plaster. The new smooth well base allows easier and faster installation on an existing floor,” continues Niehoff.

Dirt collection wells are also available in a heavy-duty version, for example, for situations where forklifts, hand trucks or shopping trolleys drive over them. The new water overflow connections now allow multiple wells to be connected to each other with a single drain. The length and diameter of the pipe (DN 50/DN 70/DN 100) for connection to the waste water system can be specified for much easier installation.


Extensive design options

Depending on the size and shape, an emco dirt collection well system can consist of a single-part well or several wells of variable width and depth and have a flexible height. The modular construction offers a great deal of scope for design, as custom shapes such as curves or slopes are easy to implement. The aluminium is welded with waterproof seams and is completely smooth on the inside for easy cleaning. The dirt collection wells can be supplied in stainless steel upon request. The drain device consists of a flat, rustproof stainless steel screen and a lower section for connection to the drainage system – in either aluminium or stainless steel, depending on the well material.

For more information about emco dirt wells, visit: https://bit.ly/3IaTSi2


On-site advice for architects

emco’s specialists offer expert services to give architects reliable data for their designs. You can find an appropriate architectural advisor for your needs here!