New technology at emco: HydroTX absorbs three times more moisture

Lingen, 11 May 2021 – For its Royal series from the current “2024” clean-off collection, emco Bautechnik GmbH is using a brand-new nylon pile construction: the HydroTX technology absorbs three times more moisture in the first steps. This increased moisture absorption reduces cleaning frequency for the clean-off zone, quite simply because less moisture is being brought in.

In rainy weather, footprints from wet shoes on the floor behind mats can often create an uncared for impression in entrance areas. The special pile construction of the Royal mat is designed to effectively draw out moisture trapped in the grooves of footwear soles.

“The HydroTX technology uses a special textile construction. Its exact composition is a trade secret. However, we can reveal that it is a combination of specific fibres and yarns that promote rapid moisture absorption and are extremely resistant to wear. This combination of properties makes them ideal for use in our mats,” explains Marcus De Noni from emco Bautechnik. This is a particular advantage on smaller surfaces as a mat with HydroTX absorbs a great deal of moisture within just a few steps.

emco is incorporating the technology in products such as the Royal series: a special high-traffic clean-off solution with extremely high moisture absorption properties to keep entrance areas looking their best and improve safety.

Scientific and practical research

Researchers from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences investigated how water is transferred from a shoe sole to a textile layer. The laboratory measurement method was validated in practice by a visual assessment of various everyday scenarios. Many people were observed walking with wet shoe soles over different mat types and the following interior floor surfaces. The researchers then applied their findings and recommendations to the development of new materials. The main focus was kinetic absorption properties: absorbing a lot of moisture from a shoe sole as quickly as possible. The result is HydroTX.