Individually designed clean-off floor coverings for the optimal first impression

A successful EuroShop 2023 for emco Bautechnik

Lingen/Düssseldorf, 5 April 2023 – emco Bautechnik GmbH returned from EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf very satisfied. The Lingen-based specialist in clean-off floor covering systems amazed the trade fair guests with the individual design options offered by emco MAXIMUS® IMAGE.

‘The first impression is often crucial. That is why architects, designers and planners integrate our custom-printable MAXIMUS® IMAGE inserts into their design concepts. They help visitors to feel at ease right when they enter the building,’ explained Carsten Niehoff, Head of Architecture & Global Accounts at emco Bautechnik GmbH.

Clean-off floor covering system with truly eye-catching leaf motifs

More than 80,000 international trade visitors from wholesale, retail, architecture, interior design, shopfitting and many other industries visited the world’s leading trade for visual merchandising from 26 February to 2 March 2023. At the emco Bautechnik GmbH display, they saw how times have long changed since boring, grey dust control mats were a necessary evil at shop doors. A clean-off floor covering system printed with leaf motifs proved to be truly eye-catching. It was as if the visitors felt invited to step on it, as the design extended through to the rear wall.

Impressive print quality thanks to Chromojet technology

‘We print each floor covering entirely individually. Almost any logos, images or text can be realised without a problem. We can simultaneously print up to 16 colours out of our standard colour palette of 45 colours and, optionally, special colours as well,’ said Carsten Niehoff, describing the characteristics of the emco MAXIMUS® IMAGE product. Chromojet printing technology is used to apply characters, type and graphic elements – and even contours, shadows and gradients – with impressive precision to the inserts on the aluminium frame or to full-surface clean-off floor covering.

‘Anyone who is planning a comprehensive, harmonious interior design and uses emco MAXIMUS® IMAGE will automatically design the three-zone cleaning system that we recommend, too,’ added Carsten Niehoff. The premium tufted velour material meets the highest demands for appearance, durability and safety – while also ensuring the best results for trapping dirt and moisture.

No limits to the imagination

There are next to no limits to the imagination when designing with emco MAXIMUS® IMAGE. For instance, the design on display at the trade fair has already been implemented in practice by a customer. In addition to printing on the inserts for the clean-off floor coverings, there are numerous other design options such as extra-wide frames, special shapes and inox-grade stainless steel frames with lasered logos or type.

If desired, emco specialists can support their customers with on-site advice for planning the design and choosing the right products. The right points of contact are provided at


Consistent visual identity for the entrance area: one emco Bautechnik GmbH customer has already implemented the MAXIMUS® IMAGE design options in practice. (Image: emco Bautechnik GmbH)

emco EuroShop 2023.JPG

The emco display at EuroShop 2023 was truly eye-catching. (Image: emco Bautechnik GmbH)

MAXIMUS IMAGE Designvielfalt.JPG

With MAXIMUS® IMAGE inserts, there are next to no limits to the imagination when designing clean-off floor covering systems. (Image: emco Bautechnik GmbH)