Innovation by emco: Carpet mats made of new yarn with environmental benefits

Lingen, 23. February 2021 – The new emco IMAGE ECO carpet mats are made using yarn from regenerated nylon waste. It comes from the ECONYL® Regeneration System Project by the Aquafil Group, who developed the yarn in a highly innovative, industrial research and innovation process. With this close collaboration, the Lingen company is sending a clear signal about sustainably reducing the impact on the environment.

Up to 85 percent savings in energy are possible with this environmentally-friendly yarn production process. We are delighted to be using this valuable regenerated material which is not only kind to our ecosystem, but also provides outstanding properties for our carpet mats”, says Key Account Manager, Markus Hummeldorf.

The principle behind the Öko-Tex-certified yarn is particularly sustainable: A variety of nylon waste, such as fishing nets that can no longer be used, is collected, regenerated and processed into polymers, in other words new yarns. emco then uses these to produce its carpet mats. The ingenious twist: This process can be repeated endlessly. This eliminates the need for many upstream production steps and saves thousands of tonnes of crude oil and CO2 emissions.

In addition to the sustainability benefit, the Econyl® regenerated nylon has precisely the same properties as a newly manufactured nylon yarn: It has a high resolution, delicate printed appearance, rich, strong colours and can be washed at up to 60 degrees using industrial facilities. It is colour-fast, easy to clean and suitable for custom printing.

“By using this yarn, we are taking an effective step towards climate change and reducing waste, as well as water and electricity consumption”, adds Markus Hummeldorf.

The IMAGE Eco with Econyl® carpet mat range is available in all colours, with custom overprinting and can be cut to special shapes.