The smart way to collect and divert dirt and moisture

Lingen, 05. November 2020 – Autumn is the season of bad weather, which means lots of dirt and moisture, especially in high-footfall entrance areas. emco dirt collection wells capture large quantities of street dirt and drain moisture optimally, protecting the building’s floors. The design possibilities are endless.

Architecturally appealing entrances need harmoniously integrated entrance mats. emco has a clever solution for capturing particularly large amounts of dirt and moisture: dirt collection wells under the entrance mats. The wells with integrated water drainage are used in areas most frequently exposed to dirt and tailored individually to the conditions on site together with the entrance mat.

This combination ensures a strong cleaning effect and allows less frequent deep cleaning. This ultimately reduces cleaning and personnel costs and preserves the value of the interior floors. “We recommend using dirt collection wells wherever significant quantities of dirt accumulate. If an outdoor mat also has to drain off significant volumes of water, it makes sense to connect the dirt collection well to a drainage system,” explains Carsten Niehoff, Head of Architecture & Global Accounts at emco Bautechnik GmbH.

Great design flexibility

Depending on the size and shape, an emco dirt collection well system consists of a single-part well or several wells of variable width and depth. The modular construction offers a great deal of scope for design, as custom shapes such as curves or slopes are easy to implement. The aluminium (AlMg 1) material is welded with waterproof seams and is completely smooth on the inside for easy cleaning. On request, the dirt collection wells can be supplied in stainless steel (V2A). The drain device consists of a flat, rustproof stainless steel screen and a lower plastic section for connection to the drainage system.

As a particularly high-performance alternative to the emco dirt collection wells, three different substructures ensure that even extreme levels of dirt can be handled with very infrequent cleaning. These substructures also have the advantage that they can compensate for any height differences in the foundations.

One particularly attractive example is the James-Simon-Galerie on Berlin’s Museum Island, which is equipped with emco Marschall and Plaza entrance mats and substructure A for optimum cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere.

On-site advice for architects

emco’s specialists offer expert services to give architects reliable data for their designs. You can find the most suitable contact here!