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Weather-proof, durable and dirt-absorbing The Image Outdoor floor mat is specifically designed for outdoor use. Custom printing, washable, from 1 pc

Backing material Nitrile rubber coating, thickness approx. 2 mm plus edge reinforcement. Knubs over whole surface with drainage holes for removal of water
Border width 20 mm
Pile height 7 – 8 mm
Pile material 100% polyamide 6, pile weight 1,000 g/m²
Height 8 – 9 mm
Total weight (g/m²) 3200 g/m²
Dimension tolerance in % 5 %
Tread border label By request
Max. washing temperature °C 40 °C
Fastness to washing Colourfast in accordance with DIN EN 20105-C01
Warranty Statutory warranty period 2 years, subject to proper care, cleaning and storage.
Standard width (cm) 115
Special dimensions possible, up to 200 x 500 cm

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Helping to sustain the environment

The ECONYL® regeneration process converts materials previously regarded as waste into a source of new possibilities for the production of emco ECO carpet mats. Items such as nylon waste from fishing nets which can no longer be used and would otherwise go for disposal is collected and converted into a new yarn. This waste material produces 100 % regenerated yarn which has the same properties as nylon made from virgin raw materials.

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