Communication hub

The architecture of the Squaire in Frankfurt is futuristic and the utilisation concept is also geared to the future. In today’s knowledge society, speed and the know-how of the employees are what counts. The lighthouse project offers and promotes both.

Europe’s most central location

Just a few decades ago, no one would have thought of erecting a building at this location. Today, the traffic junction is ideal, because it enables the best accessibility from all parts of the world – an important factor in the global economy.

The 660-metre-long building floats on 86 pillars above the ICE railway station at Frankfurt Airport. The airport itself is directly connected. Long-distance motorised traffic roars to the left and right of the building. About 150,000 air travellers, 23,000 rail passengers and 300,000 vehicles pass through this hub every day. Global companies use the central location for conferences but also to set up their headquarters here.

“With a unique building like the Squaire, even functional details take on a new relevance.”

Marijan Barisic
Head of Asset Management I Technical IVG Immobilien AG

Focus on people

Inside, the building is entirely tailored to the people who work there. Offices, shops, hairdressers, dry cleaners, restaurants, offers for leisure activities and health as well as two hotels are accommodated on 140,000 square metres – a NEW WORK CITY. The rooms are arranged on nine floors along the outer façade of the oval structure. This creates two spacious, roofed atriums. As communication and recreation zones, they are an important part of the architectural concept.

The building is accessed at the interface with the long-distance railway station. The connection with the street level is made via two staged entrances. A sensitive location: highly frequented, with a high-quality design and central to the cleanliness of the building. Here, the Marschall entrance mat with ribbed inlay from emco ensures that dirt and moisture do not enter the building. The reinforced profiles can also withstand heavy loads over the long term.