Flawless at all times, even with high visitor numbers

The Ozeaneum on Stralsund’s harbour island is Germany’s largest maritime museum. In accordance with the designs of the architects “Behnisch & Partner” from Stuttgart, the building is functionally oriented and structurally oriented towards the sea. The multi-layered networking of the historical harbour and city environment with the interior area takes place via a central atrium. It is accessible from both sides, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the new building on its way between the city and the harbour. Already in the first four months, as many visitors came as had been forecast for the whole year: about half a million. So it turned out to be a good decision to install dirt-trapping systems that not only meet the design requirements, but thanks to their great functionality can also cope with an above-average number of visitors without any problems.

Aesthetics, cleanliness and safety

Such a large number of people places corresponding demands on entrance areas and therefore needs to address the issue of pollution prevention as early as possible. Dirt and moisture not only look unsightly when entering a building, they also increase the risk of accidents and cause damage to the floor covering. The parties involved decided in favour of emco entrance matting systems.

Perfect fit in shape and colour

The Diplomat mat type used consists of hard-wearing and weather-resistant rough-hair ribbed inserts, which are spaced 5 mm apart in robust aluminium profiles. According to the principle of open cleaning, the rubbed-off dirt particles do not settle in the insert, but fall into the spaces between the mat bars while walking. This prevents the dirt from being carried on by following people and reduces the amount of dirt carried into the interior of the atrium by up to 90 %. From a wide range of colours, the architects chose light grey as the colour for the material inlays to match the floor covering, a cobblestone. The shape of the mat systems was also designed according to special architectural specifications.

Against the background of the considerable time pressure to which the completion of the Ozeaneum was subject, emco’s nationwide sales and service network considerably facilitated the coordination and coordination of the dirt trap solution integrating three federal states. A measurement service equipped with innovative technology ensured precise measurement on site despite the fact that some of the structural reference elements were still missing. Especially for the special shapes, such as a trapezoidal mat at the entrance to the city side, the electronic recording and forwarding of the measurements considerably shortened the time required.

“Measured against the Ozeaneum’s high functional requirements, the aspects of durability and high quality, but also design diversity, were particularly important in the selection of materials.”

Thomas Menzel,
Site Manager Operations Engineering Ozeaneum

Perfectly coordinated cooperation

The delivery time for a total of 76 m2 of Commercial Entrance Mats for different entrances was only 15 working days. Corresponding ready-to-install frames reached the screed layer responsible for the installation after only five working days. The final installation of the mats, including precise cutting to size and cut-outs for building elements, was carried out by emco’s installation service just a few hours before the official opening.
Thomas Menzel, construction manager for the Ozeaneum’s operations technology: “This success would certainly not have been possible without the good cooperation of the architects, specialist planners, tradesmen and manufacturers, who did an excellent job during the construction phase under difficult conditions and with a very tight schedule.”