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Visitors come in.
Dirt stays out.

Entrance areas are channels that every visitor passes through. emco floor mats pick up dirt to protect the entire building from unwanted soiling.

3 dirt collection zones for immaculate cleanliness.

Coarse dirt. Fine and damp dirt. Residual moisture and dirt. We have developed the 3-zone cleaning system – a combination of various floor mat modules that reliably collects all types of dirt. This can be customised down to the last detail to suit the needs of your project.

Zone 1

Coarse dirt

The first zone uses special inserts to prevent coarse dirt from entering the building.

Commercial entrance mats for zone 1 (Outside)

Zone 2

Fine and damp dirt

The second zone features slip-resistant material in the inserts that also removes fine dirt.

Commercial entrance mats for Zone 2 (Inside & Roofed)

Zone 3

Residual moisture and dirt

The third zone collects residual moisture and dirt and prevents slip accidents.


It all comes down to length

Every visitor brings up to 12 grams of dirt into a building, including tiny stones, moisture and even road salt in the winter. This dirt damages your floor coverings and results in high cleaning costs.

The 3-zone cleaning system effectively reduces the ingress of dirt as a costly damaging factor. Its impact improves a little more with each step, too, as the more contact a visitor has with the clean-off system, the stronger its effect becomes.

Reduce cleaning costs

Clean-off systems not only reduce cleaning costs but also minimise long-term investments. What’s more, the less frequent use of cleaning agents and longer service life offer significant ecological advantages.

Studies show that professional clean-off systems offer real advantages over conventional dirt-collection mats.

A crucial step for you as a tradesperson or retailer is to refer to the benefits of a clean-off system in writing when preparing quotes for your customers. Involving just minimal effort on your part, this step not only encourages additional sales, but also demonstrates your advisory expertise and helps to prevent complaints down the line.

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