Renovate entrance mat & preserve values

Extend service life. Reduce costs.

By choosing an entrance mat of the right size in the entrance area, you are already saving money. Cleaning cycles of downstream floor coverings are extended, thus saving cleaning agents and personnel. The reduced load on the floor coverings also extends their service life. To ensure that this remains the case, an entrance mat should be checked regularly and renovated or modernised if necessary.


We accompany you at:

Condition check & maintenance

You fear a loss of functionality? We take care of the condition check and maintenance for you.

Repair & spare parts

We supply spare parts and carry out repairs for all components used by emco commercial entrance mats.

Cleaning service

Commercial entrance mats are continuously stressed – take advantage of our emco cleaning service.

Changing the inlay

Ensure the cleaning function of your entrance mat and change the textile insert now.

Replacement & Renewal

We will guide you through a necessary replacement or renewal of your entrance mat.

Progress through discipline

As a manufacturer with over 60 years of experience, we know about our competencies. In order to meet your requirements, we are constantly developing new products and improving our range. In doing so, we never tire of growing with our tasks and recognising new developments at an early stage. Particularly customer-specific requirements, which are checked and assessed by our development department, spur us on to regularly scrutinise our range and thus expand and adapt the product range for you.


Your contact for renovation & renewal

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Achim Holzapfel

20 years of expertise for the entrance area