Tactile guidance systems

Reduce barriers with cleaning function

Use the entrance mat as a guidance system for the visually impaired. Every single visitor to the building walks through an entrance. it is therefore vital for there to be no gaps in the guidance system. We have developed three ingenious systems for this so that nothing is left to chance here.

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The entrance mat as a guidance system.

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References with emco SPIN®SAFE

Discover our references in Germany and see the tactile guidance system emco SPIN®SAFE for yourself.


  • Netto Markt Kirchhoven
  • Netto Markt Düren
  • Netto Markt Vorst
  • Lidl Markt, Ruhrau 42, Essen
  • DATEV eG Nürnberg
  • Mittelschule Mitterteich
  • Adolf-Kolping-Schule Lohne (Oldenburg)
  • Gymnasium Langen Geestland
  • Hochschule Coburg
  • Wiily-Brandt-Gesamtschule Köln
  • John-Brinckman-Schule Schwerin
  • Agentur für Arbeit Krefeld
  • Finanzamt Passau
  • CCH, Congress Center Hamburg
  • Agentur für Arbeit Darmstadt
  • Agentur für Arbeit Frankfurt
  • Jobcenter Hannover Ronnenberg
  • Polizeiwache Heiligenhaus
  • Agentur für Arbeit Liebenwerda
  • Agentur für Arbeit Marburg
  • Agentur für Arbeit Bensheim
  • Kreishaus Steinfurt
  • Agentur für Arbeit Deggendorf
  • Verwaltungsgericht Münster
  • Bürgerhaus Mainz-Finthen
  • Agentur für Arbeit Büdingen
  • Agentur für Arbeit Friedberg
  • Agentur für Arbeit Gießen
  • Agentur für Arbeit Altenburg
  • Agentur für Arbeit Oberursel
  • Amtsgericht Gummersbach
  • Amtsgericht Werl
  • Rathaus Meschede
  • Agentur für Arbeit Dortmund
  • Agentur für Arbeit Kiel
  • Commerzbank Frankfurt am Main
  • Sparkasse Luminaden Leverkusen
  • Kasseler Sparkasse, Marktplatz 1, Baunatal
  • Bahnhof Kulmbach
  • Klinikum Frankfurt-Höchst
  • Krankenhaus Köln-Merheim
  • Maria-Hilf-Krankenhaus Bergheim
  • LVR Klinik Düren
  • Motel One Messe City Köln

Tactile guidance system in emco entrance mats

The perfect symbiosis of cleaning function, tactile floor-level information and high-contrast colours. The tactile guidance system reduces barriers for the blind and visually impaired, and can be integrated into many emco entrance mats.

Guidance system

Entrance mat profiles in two different construction heights are laid alternately. This provides tactile information on direction.

Attention panel

The attention panel is a highly tactile and visible marking which indicates changes of direction or the end of a route.

Clean-off with guidance system.

Moisture absorption and dirt uptake with tactile floor-level information.

The clean-off material contains recessed grooves which can reliably be felt with a cane and thus clearly indicate the direction. MAXIMUS ASSISTANCE can flexibly be used anywhere, like a carpet mat.

Tactile guidance system in entrance mats and clean-off

Blind and visually impaired persons are dependent on support! Guidance systems have become standard in public areas. Our systems help blind and visually impaired persons to find the right way, and keep your property clean.

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