Bespoke recessed aluminium profile mats for extremely demanding applications

Our recessed aluminium profile mats are tested to TÜV quality and provide a professional solution to prevent dirt and moisture spreading through your building. Our clean-off mats’ non-slip properties prevent accidents due to slipping and thus provide secure footing. In addition to this, they also deaden walking noise and protect adjacent flooring from damage.

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              Aluminium entrance matting properties:

              • Mat heights: 12, 17 or 22 mm
              • Many inserts also available in a wide design (L)
              • Aluminium or stainless steel installation frames
              • Mat types: rubber, cassette brushes, ribbed carpet insert with a range of features and possible combinations
              • Tactile guidance systems can be installed for barrier-free access
              • Dirt collection well installation
              • Bespoke design possible (e.g. with logo)





              In addition to our standard inlays, we have developed completely new premium performance inlays for indoor use, where you benefit from such strong properties as tested fire behavior and improved walking sound insulation. But no matter which format you choose, emco always convinces with premium quality.

              For every location

              The special functionality and effectiveness of our entrance matting systems is due to the variety of system components - the profile and insert variants with which the entrance mat can be individually configured. The emco entrance mats are available in different installation heights and material thicknesses. The following applies here:

              • As the installation height increases, so does the mat's capacity to absorb dirt that accumulates.
              • The greater the material thickness, the higher the possible load capacity.
              • All profiles are made of high-quality aluminum and are therefore insensitive to temperature fluctuations and permanently loadable.

              The type of insert is determined by the place of use and the type of dirt that accumulates. Additional profiles increase the cleaning effect.

              with rubber insert

              with rubber insert and brush strip

              with rubber insert and scraper edge

              with cassette brush

              wide profile with rep inlay

              narrow profile with rep inlay

              with rep inlay and brush strip

              with rep inlay and scrape edge

              with Outdoor inlay and scraper edge

              with Care insert

              It’s all about the profile

              For buildings with moderate dirt levels such as hotels, salesrooms, medical practices or administration buildings, we recommend the emco DIPLOMAT. For entrance areas in shopping centres and airports, the emco MARSCHALL is the right choice. This product is extremely stable and can accommodate exceptionally high loads such as being driven over by pallet trucks.

              emco Diplomat

              For use in entrances with normal to heavy loading, e.g. for residential, administration and office buildings Profile width: 27.5 or 44 mm.

              emco Marschall

              For use in entrances with extreme loading, e.g. shopping centres, airports, hospitals and railway stations. Profile width: 30 or 46.5 mm.

              Our mat recommendation

              Architects, planners, investors and building owners all over the world use emco cleanliness systems. Find the right solution for your building here!

              Shopping centers

              Office buildings

              Public buildings

              Versatile design options for entrance areas

              Individual entrances can be created with emco recessed profile mats – through more than just shape and colour. Our special design solutions turn every entrance area into a real highlight – with curved profiles, customisable stainless steel elements or high-quality illuminated frames. Ideal design, particularly for entrances with round shapes.

              Bespoke shapes

              Tiled effect



              Accessories for aluminium profile matting

              Brush strip

              Scraper bar

              Logo and lettering on your recessed entrance mat!

              We can easily include your slogan or your logo in your aluminium entrance matting. Inserted contoured stainless steel elements – coloured if required.

              INOX® Lineo

              INOX® Quadro

              Your idea. Your design.
              Bespoke printed inserts.

              Large structures. Whole-room designs. Match colour concepts and shapes.

              Bespoke printed inserts continue the spatial design on the entrance mat. Shapes and colours in the area are transformed into shapes and colours on the floor.

              Commercial entrance carpets

              Colour-matched profiles
              for perfect harmony.

              Anodised profiles offer new design options. Combining insert types and insert colours leads to fascinating harmonious or contrasting designs.




              Find out more about our design options with recessed aluminium entrance mats:

              download the brochure now

              Exceptional solutions for exceptional requirements

              emco PLAZA

              For buildings with extreme foot traffic such as shopping malls and airports, emco PLAZA is suitable due to its profile height with increased coarse and fine dirt absorption. The rollable, extremely hard-wearing entrance mat can be rolled over and can also be driven over by forklift trucks and trucks weighing up to 7.5 tons. A custom-fit production is no problem. Inlays are available for outdoor and indoor use.

              Questions about our aluminium entrance matting?

              Request a free consultation

              Bespoke aluminium entrance matting

              No matter the building you would like to protect and style with aluminium entrance matting, we have the right emco clean-off system, tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on the anticipated level of dirt, we recommend extra components such as a combination of ribbed and rubber inserts for more effective cleaning. Contact us for a free consultation. Together we will find the most suitable aluminium entrance matting for your entrance area.

              emco 3-zone cleaning system.

              A practical combination to reduce contamination.

              1. Removal of coarse dirt
              2. Removal of fine dirt
              3. Collection of moisture and residual dirt
              To the 3-zone cleaning

              Your contact for entrance mats

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