Clean Off mats with borders

Clean Off mats with rubber backing and borders are the ideal solution for reliably keeping the entrance area of a building clean and dry. The non-slip mats easily absorb dirt and moisture. The dirt disappears visually in the various patterns and mottled colour versions. As a result, the entrance area always looks well-maintained and clean. Clean Off mats with borders remove moisture and dirt from shoe soles and protect the floor from premature wear. Thanks to the many sizes, the right mat can be found for every premises. The subtle rubber border ensures a neat finish and protects the mat against slipping. Safety in the whole building is thus greatly improved due to the reduced slip hazards.

45.01 red
45.02 blue
45.03 anthracite
45.05 brown
45.10 slate
    76.01 anthracite
    76.02 beige
    76.04 brown
    76.10 grey
    mocha 76.03
      33.01 anthracite
      33.02 brown
      33.03 blue
      33.04 graphite
      33.10 black
        36.01 black
        36.02 anthracite
        36.03 grey
        36.08 mocha
        36.10 slate
          83.02 anthracite
          83.03 grey
          83.04 brown
          83.05 beige
          83.07 red
          anthracite 80.02
          anthracite mottled 81.02
          black 80.01

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