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Promotional and practical

emco carpet mats with or without advertising ensure long-term value retention with clear ecological advantages. Made in Germany, the carpet mats are available in a single colour, in hard-wearing standard finishes, with individual printing, in standard formats, made-to-measure and special shapes, all with an impressive long service life.

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Helping to sustain the environment

The ECONYL® regeneration process converts materials previously regarded as waste into a source of new possibilities for the production of emco ECO carpet mats. Items such as nylon waste from fishing nets which can no longer be used and would otherwise go for disposal is collected and converted into a new yarn. This waste material produces 100 % regenerated yarn which has the same properties as nylon made from virgin raw materials.

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Our quality means improved cleanliness

Every visitor is funnelled through an entrance area. The loading in these areas is particularly high as vast amounts of dirt from the street accumulate here. Every person entering the building brings dirt and moisture in with them and the majority of it is distributed through the building. An excessive level of contamination – but it can be captured in clever ways. emco Clean Off systems provide systematic and effective protection and act as a defensive shield by absorbing dirt and moisture, effectively preventing slip or trip accidents and damage.

Quality advice from you

Demonstrate your advisory expertise and sell your customers quality emco products with genuine added value, long-term value retention with significant ecological benefits, reduced cleaning costs and minimum risk of accidents. emco carpet mats can be individually printed, are quick and easy to lay, are washable, and have a long service life.

Point out the benefits of an emco Clean Off system in writing when preparing quotes for your customers. emco – the partner you can trust.

emco expertise

As Europe’s market leader in the field of clean-off systems, emco has more than 60 years’ experience in the entrance mat sector and offers its customers in-depth expertise and constant innovation.

emco innovations include our CHROMOJET printing systems, which use 48 nozzles per colour to simultaneously apply the designs to the raw white mat material in either 32 standard or photorealistic permanent, colourfast colours.

emco carpet mats are manufactured exclusively in Germany and offer the highest quality due to their many different product features.

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