Clean-off floor tiling is trending

This modular solution from emco Bautechnik is easy to install and offers many design options

Lingen, 10 July 2023 – With clean-off floor tiles in three quality profiles, emco Bautechnik offers its customers particularly easy-to-use alternatives for designing entrance areas creatively and sustainably.

‘emco clean-off floor tiles are efficient and sustainable. Compared with roll-out materials, they are easier to install and often even made of recycled fabric,’ says Marcus DeNoni, Regional Sales Manager at emco Bautechnik.


Convenient format and space-saving delivery

With the arrival of autumn, more and more people need to clean off their shoes thoroughly when they walk into a building. The clean-off floor covering systems from emco Bautechnik are particularly effective at absorbing moisture and also brush dirt off perfectly. Thanks to the many design options available, they are often even eye-catching decoration.

Among these systems, emco’s modular clean-off floor tiles are growing more and more prominent. Marcus DeNoni shares a key reason for this: ‘The convenient format makes it significantly more straightforward to install them and deliver them in space-saving packages.’ Another handy factor is that individual tiles can be easily replaced later on. On top of that, clean-off floor tiles can be combined perfectly with other floor coverings.

The 50 x 50 centimetre tiles are available in 3 quality profiles and 16 selected colours. The emco SCRATCH2 and emco CONFORM quality profiles are especially sustainable, with an outer material consisting solely of recycled ECONYL fabric. Customers benefit from the leap in sustainability without having to compromise on the product’s advantages.


Three quality profiles for countless design ideas

All three quality profiles offer a large amount of creative potential when designing entrance areas. The emco SCRATCH2 clean-off floor tiles brush off large particles of dirt fully thanks to a new material composition and absorb moisture optimally. Most of all, however, they impress with their striking appearance. They can be installed in a classic way, or in individual arrangements or imaginative styles.

When installing emco CONFORM or emco INNOVA clean-off floor tiles, customers can choose a combination of light and dark tiles. Exciting visual effects can be achieved by aligning the direction of the carpet piles in a deliberate way. The innovative, high-grade emco INNOVA tiles adapt to nearly all design or technical requirements, and also improve the acoustics in the space noticeably. Moreover, the exclusive velour finish on emco CONFORM is tailored ideally to the appearance of wooden and designer floors.