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Tactile guidance system from emco 522 TLS for the visually impaired

emco Tactile guidance system 

522 TLS for the visually impaired

emco’s 522 TLS tactile floor-level guidance system keeps buildings clean and reduces barriers: help the blind and partially sighted find their way around at the same time as preventing dirt being tracked into the building.

The emco 522 TLS entrance mat is extremely robust with a long service life and premium workmanship. Thanks to these features, it is ideal for use in busy building entrances and corridors.

Demonstrate your empathy: combine stringent quality requirements with social commitment. Choose the tactile guidance system from emco.

Doors, stairs and lifts made easy to find

The visually impaired are led safely and easily to where they want to go by the mat support chassis, running in the direction of traffic, with slightly different heights that can be felt both with the sole of the foot and with a cane. Put your trust in the emco TLS (protected by utility model since 2013).

Way guidance with high-contrast colours

The guidance system’s high-contrast colour scheme offers additional way guidance to the partially sighted with the ability to perceive differences in brightness. In addition to this, there is the option of integrating a rectangular attention panel to indicate a junction or change of direction.

NEW: emco Spin®Safe

Detecting directions and changes in direction for the blind and visually impaired


Perfect addition to TLS: DIN 32984 compliant

emco SPIN® SAFE is a further emco entrance mat innovation for the visually impaired. With it, the blind and visually impaired can easily and clearly detect directions and changes in direction with their feet or canes.

The tactile information provided on the floor by emco SPIN® SAFE corresponds to the standards in DIN 32984, already well known in outdoor areas. The robust stainless steel elements offer even more benefits: in addition to being tactile ground surface indicators, they produce a clear change in the auditory impression when a cane is used. The material provides strong contrasts for people with visual impairments, who can therefore more easily distinguish between it and the rest of the entrance mat material.

The system is easy to integrate and is particularly suited to buildings in which the SPIN® SAFE floor-level guidance system from Hoba Steel is in use.

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Zone 2 with additional benefits

Reduce barriers Way guidance for blind and partially sighted people

Reduce barriers

Way guidance for blind and partially sighted people

The tactile floor-level information in emco's innovative guidance system can be felt with a cane, making it easier for the visually impaired to find their way in building entrances. The system has a particularly high-contrast colour scheme for partially sighted people. As with all the emco entrance mat systems, the TLS is suitable for wheelchairs.

Independent mobility around the whole building: doors are easily found, and stairs and lifts are accessible. Not only does this reduce barriers, it also increases safety.

Associate your project with social aspects, building with disabled access provision and demonstrating your empathy. With the tactile guidance system, you're choosing an outstanding entrance mat – and a very special one.

Protected by utility model Fewer barriers, with excellent cleaning performance

Protected by utility model

Fewer barriers, with excellent cleaning performance

emco’s tactile guidance system has been protected by utility model since 2013: the entrance mat is optimised for blind and partially sighted people and has outstanding cleaning properties. The TLS from emco is also designed for heavy to extremely heavy usage in building entrances.

Avoid dirt and reduce barriers. The innovative TLS was developed by emco in Germany and is manufactured to the highest standards of materials and workmanship, for long-lasting, highly functional results.

“DATEV traditionally stands for future-oriented systems. Now emco SPIN® SAFE, an equally innovative system on the ground, guarantees orientation in the entrance area of the DATEV III building.”

Sandra Denzinger
, Architect
Building: DATEV Head Office, Nuremberg

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Guidance system for the blind

This is the installation of a guidance system consisting of alternating entrance mat profiles in two different construction heights (total height 22 mm).

Attention panel

This floor-level indicator is a clearly recognisable sign and is therefore important as way guidance at junctions. 

Framing element

This completes the emco entrance mat. It is always set perpendicular to the direction of traffic and has 100% cleaning action.

Flexibility throughout the building TLS: versatile and easy to integrate

Flexibility throughout the building

TLS: versatile and easy to integrate    

The tactile guidance system from emco is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor areas. This entrance mat innovation can be integrated into entrance mat systems and all popular floor coverings.

Use the TLS flexibly: emco’s guidance system is the better alternative for tactile way guidance throughout the whole building. Conventional orientation systems provide tactile information, but not the outstanding cleaning performance of a high-quality entrance mat. With the emco TLS, you save on cleaning costs!

Save on cleaning costs: tailor emco's tactile floor-level guidance system to your building.

emco 522 TLS // highly resilient with DIPLOMAT, extremely resilient with MARSCHALL

emco DIPLOMAT A well-considered message: a superior-quality entrance mat



A well-considered message: a superior-quality entrance mat

Our emco DIPLOMAT entrance mat is ideal for normal to heavy loads. It can be used anywhere and provides the right solution for all sorts of applications.

Heavily frequented buildings, extreme weather conditions and areas that have special aesthetic requirements: with an emco DIPLOMAT you are guaranteed to hit the right note!

Typical application examples: hotels, salesrooms, banks, doctors' surgeries and private entrance areas.

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emco MARSCHALL Perfectly equipped for dirt



Perfectly equipped for dirt

Your defence against heavy loads: the emco MARSCHALL entrance mat protects you effectively and reliably against dirt. Its robust cleaning systems are tough and extremely resilient.

emco MARSCHALL is ideally equipped for extra-high footfall numbers. Extreme challenges, such as withstanding cars and pallet trucks, are not a problem for emco MARSCHALL.

For above-average demands: emco MARSCHALL!

Typical application examples: shopping centres, stations, airports and other extremely busy entrance areas.

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system combination for reducing dirt

3-zone-cleaning from emco

The ideal system combination for reducing dirt

The emco 3-zone cleaning system is our proven combination for effectively reducing dirt. An emco entrance mat for any zone is individually tailored to your specific situation and fits organically into your building project.

The 3-zone cleaning system is perfect for shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices, car dealerships and all other buildings with high levels of footfall. It reduces cleaning costs and protects adjacent floor coverings and building facilities. The system features non-slip properties and helps prevent accidents from happening.

All emco innovations such as the tactile guidance system or the SENATOR OUTDOOR can be easily integrated into your cleaning system. Keeping entrance areas clean – with emco!

More about 3-zone cleaning