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Entrance mat accessories emco INOX

emco INOX®

Enhancing element for your entrance mat

With emco INOX® you can exploit space for your brand and messages that has never been used before. These individualised elements are processed to a high quality and resilience to give your entrance mat that finishing touch.

You don’t get a second chance to a make a first impression. Choose the individualised emco INOX® stainless steel profile to make the perfect advertising medium out of a high-quality entrance mat.

emco INOX® // advertising messages on your entrance mat

Lettering on entrance mat emco INOX

Variety: typical emco!

Lots of mats, lots of colours // emco INOX®

The emco INOX® stainless steel profile can be individualised and is available in various installation heights for our high-end DIPLOMAT and SENATOR systems. emco INOX® is consequently simple and easy to integrate into your entrance mat system.

Simply the best: the laser-cut shapes can be highlighted with lots of different colours and are therefore shown to better advantage. Combined with the high-quality colourful inlays in your entrance mats, you can create amazing designs from the discreet to the challenging.

The finishing touch for a perfect entrance: present logos and slogans with emco INOX®

The ideal solution for every application // emco INOX®

Intricate but tough

Laser-cut steel for brilliant results.

We produce emco INOX® to measure! We cut lettering and logos out of durable chrome-nickel steel by laser, accurate to the millimetre. We reinforce the profile with an additional element for resilience and durability. 

So your individual emco INOX® is perfectly protected from dents.

long advertising on entrance mat

emco INOX® Lineo

Slim base element for your messages

Horizontal designs and messages can be communicated perfectly using emco INOX® Lineo. The base component easily allows several words or even whole sentences to be placed on an entrance mat.

emco INOX® Lineo is the perfect solution for presentations in horizontal format. Advertising on your entrance mat: quite simple with emco INOX® Lineo.

Additional product information
logo on entrance mat large

emco INOX® Quadro

Enlarged logo area

Would you like a bit more? emco INOX® Quadro offers additional space: the rectangular surface area of emco INOX® Quadro is the perfect solution for any company who cannot fit their logo onto an emco INOX® Lineo.

The benefit: emco INOX® Quadro additionally gives you the chance to highlight the profile and the enlarged area each with a different colour. Your design is presented in a striking and prominent way.

emco INOX® Quadro: perfect for anyone who needs more space!