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emco entrance mat range Your perfect entrance mat system

emco entrance mat range

Your perfect entrance mat system

emco impresses with its variety: our selection of high-quality entrance mats and perfectly coordinated system concepts provides solutions for practically every usage area.
Alongside long-established high standards, emco also stands for innovation and highly specialised solutions. Clean and durable systems for indoor and outdoor areas – and always tailored to your specific needs.   
emco entrance mats: keeping entrance areas clean!

The perfect combination for clean entrances: emco 3-zone cleaning

system combination for reducing dirt

3-zone-cleaning from emco

The ideal system combination for reducing dirt

The emco 3-zone cleaning system is our proven combination for effectively reducing dirt. An emco entrance mat for any zone is individually tailored to your specific situation and fits organically into your building project.

The 3-zone cleaning system is perfect for shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices, car dealerships and all other buildings with high levels of footfall. It reduces cleaning costs and protects adjacent floor coverings and building facilities. The system features non-slip properties and helps prevent accidents from happening.

All emco innovations such as the tactile guidance system or the SENATOR OUTDOOR can be easily integrated into your cleaning system. Keeping entrance areas clean – with emco!

More about 3-zone cleaning

The flexible one: can be configured for indoor and outdoor areas

emco DIPLOMAT A well-considered message: a superior-quality entrance mat



A well-considered message: a superior-quality entrance mat

Our emco DIPLOMAT entrance mat is ideal for normal to heavy loads. It can be used anywhere and provides the right solution for all sorts of applications.

Heavily frequented buildings, extreme weather conditions and areas that have special aesthetic requirements: with an emco DIPLOMAT you are guaranteed to hit the right note!

Typical application examples: hotels, salesrooms, banks, doctors' surgeries and private entrance areas.

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emco MARSCHALL Perfectly equipped for dirt



Perfectly equipped for dirt

Your defence against heavy loads: the emco MARSCHALL entrance mat protects you effectively and reliably against dirt. Its robust cleaning systems are tough and extremely resilient.

emco MARSCHALL is ideally equipped for extra-high footfall numbers. Extreme challenges, such as withstanding cars and pallet trucks, are not a problem for emco MARSCHALL.

For above-average demands: emco MARSCHALL!

Typical application examples: shopping centres, stations, airports and other extremely busy entrance areas.

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emco PLAZA Resilient, extremely absorptive, flexible design


emco PLAZA

Resilient, extremely absorptive, flexible design

For heavy demands where there is substantial dirt: emco PLAZA entrance mats are extremely resilient and can trap an exceptionally large amount of dirt, thanks to their height. Even unusually high footfall is standard for emco PLAZA. And they can withstand the weight of pallet trucks, cars and lorries up to 7.5t without any problem.

emco PLAZA is flexible: ribbed carpet inserts in different colours, cassette brushes, and rubber inserts are all available. Your vision – our mission: even the most unusual designs are possible with Plaza! 

Typical application examples: shopping centres, stations and airports with extremely high levels of dirt.

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emco SENATOR For special design and function requirements



For special design and function requirements

Wide profile for a sophisticated effect: it makes emco SENATOR look almost like a carpet. As a result, emco SENATOR is perfect for prestigious entrances where design is important. 

High cleaning performance and flexible load levels: emco SENATOR not only looks good, this excellent entrance mat from emco also impresses with its outstanding performance values. SENATOR is flexible – inserts are available for every kind of application. For you to put your own mark on it, emco SENATOR comes in 12 ribbed carpet colours, in practically every geometric shape.

Particularly fine design: emco SENATOR for your entrance area!

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emco ECOLINE® PIONIER The entrance mat that keeps reinventing itself


The entrance mat that keeps reinventing itself

We are using a “closed loop” approach to production processes right from the start and ensuring that they produce no waste at all. With emco ECOLINE® PIONEER, we have created the first entrance mat to follow this principle.

The principle is taken from nature: “waste” is food in a never-ending natural cycle. For products, that means: using a design approach that enables them to be managed in a biological or technical cycle, so that not only is their original purpose fulfilled, but also the options available for recycling their raw materials are taken into consideration right from the development phase.

What emco ECOLINE® PIONEER does for the environment
emco X-TREME® X-tremely clean. X-tremely safe. X-tremely strong.

emco X-TREME®

X-tremely clean. X-tremely safe. X-tremely strong.

The bristles on the emco X-TREME® mat are slanted towards each other, cleaning tyre treads purely mechanically as the tyres move over the mat. And extra thoroughly, too: at least 80% after just three rotations. So emco X-TREME® makes an important contribution to smooth workflows and a long service life.

This heavy-duty mat can withstand weights of up to 7.5 tonnes. Its high-quality materials and excellent workmanship mean emco X-TREME® is made to last. Thanks to its modular structure, emco X-TREME® can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. And, for optimum ease of use, the mat is very easy to clean. 

Learn more about emco X-TREME® now!
emco RADIAL Perfect for all entrances with rounded structural shapes



Perfect for all entrances with rounded structural shapes

A well-rounded product: emco RADIAL! Its curved aluminium profiles are a perfect fit for your architecture. Particularly in and around revolving doors, the emco RADIAL entrance mat is the perfect extension of a round door area.

The mat has been optimised for heavy to extreme loads. It can withstand the weight of pallet trucks and goods vehicles without any problem. For your safety, emco RADIAL is also slip resistant and available in a configuration that is optimised for fire protection. The ribbed carpet inserts of your emco RADIAL are available in 12 different colours.

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emco GS 17 An alternative with a closed design for extremely busy locations


emco GS 17

An alternative with a closed design for extremely busy locations

emco GS 17 is a hard-wearing entrance mat with an integrated scraper bar. Its special feature: this entrance mat is a closed system. Unlike other emco entrance mats, the dirt that is brushed off doesn't fall into the spaces between the profiles. It remains on the mat’s surface, from where it can be easily vacuumed up.

Its construction design makes the emco GS 17 particularly wear resistance. The mat can withstand wheelchairs, pushchairs, shopping trolleys, hand trolleys, cars and pallet trucks. 

emco GS 17: your alternative to open entrance mats!

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emco KADETT ist eine spezielle Eingangsmatte für Warensicherungsanlagen

Die Eingangsmatte emco KADETT wurde speziell für Eingänge mit älteren, teilweise Metall-empfindlichen Warensicherungsanlagen konzipiert:  das Trägerprofil besteht aus hochwertigem Kunststoff!

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emco ASSISTENT 560

Die einfache Alternative für Einfamilienhäuser und Gebäude mit geringer Frequentierung: emco Assistent 560. Strapazierfähig, geschlossen, für die aufliegende Verlegung. 

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Ripsmatte von emco ATTACHE

Ripsmatte mit hoher Abriebfestigkeit für starke Beanspruchung. Dauerelastischer Sauberlauf-Bodenbelag: abriebresistent und widerstandsfähig für besonders intensiv belastete Anwendungsbereiche. 

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The tactile guidance system from emco Entrance mat systems for the blind and partially sighted

The tactile guidance system from emco

Entrance mat systems for the blind and partially sighted

The tactile guidance system from emco – TGS for short – is an entrance mat system with additional benefits: profiles that run longitudinally to the direction of traffic can be felt with the sole of the foot or a cane while walking. 

To aid perception, the system (registered since 2013) has a particularly high-contrast colour scheme. The tactile guidance system is also optimised for heavy to extremely heavy usage. 

If inclusion through disabled access building is important to you, the tactile guidance system will suit your project perfectly.

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Perfection in function and design: emco entrance mats for indoor areas

Entrance mats for automatic door systems Highly efficient optimised solutions from emco

Entrance mats for automatic door systems

Highly efficient optimised solutions from emco

Entrance mats for automatic door systems present a particular challenge, as DIN 18650 (EN 16005) specifies a profile clearance of less than 4 mm.

For your application, you can choose between emco DIPLOMAT and emco MARSCHALL, with a profile clearance of 3 mm. The specially made aluminium profiles meet the legal requirements, at the same time as ensuring optimal cleaning around automatic door systems.

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Clean-off covering, high-quality and effective

emco clean-off system

The first impression: cleanliness. 

Your entrance area has a significant influence on the first impressions your customers and business partners receive. Be that consciously or unconsciously!

High-quality emco clean-off coverings prevent dirt and moisture in buildings. This helps you to improve your image and reduce cleaning costs. emco clean-off coverings therefore also reduce the risk of accidents caused by wetness and moisture.

Prevent dirt in your building. Cut cleaning costs. Ensure safety. emco has the perfect clean-off solution for every application.

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Specially for outdoor areas

emco premium entrance mat outdoor




Noticeably thorough dirt removal

The emco SENATOR OUTDOOR is a premium entrance mat with an extra-wide profile for outdoor areas: UV resistant, water repellent, abrasion proof and ideal for a wide range of commercial buildings.

Any geometrical shape is possible with the emco SENATOR OUTDOOR. In addition to anthracite and grey, red is also available as a colour option. SENATOR OUTDOOR from emco is your perfect mat for challenging outdoor applications!

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Rubber honeycomb mats from emco Tried-and-tested standards for simple solutions

emco Rubber honeycomb mats

Tried-and-tested standards for simple solutions

Perfect for entrances and steps in outdoor areas, industrial buildings, exhibition halls and sports halls, ski lifts, ships’ decks and landing stages. Premium solid rubber, weather proof and abrasion proof. emco’s rubber honeycomb mats feature a high dirt uptake and are particularly easy to clean.

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Entrance mat accessories

Additional functions - more design

Use emco's innovative ideas to guarantee additional cleanliness and safety within your building or draw attention to your entrance area or show the way with visual highlights.

Enhance your entrance mat systems now with functional and design elements by emco!

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Enhancing element for your entrance mat

emco INOX®

Enhancing element for your entrance mat

With emco INOX® you can exploit space for your brand and messages that has never been used before. These individualised elements are processed to a high quality and resilience to give your entrance mat that finishing touch.

You don’t get a second chance to a make a first impression. Choose the individualised emco INOX® stainless steel profile to make the perfect advertising medium out of a high-quality entrance mat.

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