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Entrance mat accessories

emco offers functionalism and design enhancements for your entrance mat system.

In addition to basic components such as dirt collection wells and substructures, emco INOX® and emco Lumina are available as design highlights for your entrance area. These will enable you to extend your solution for more cleanliness in the building by useful functions. In conjunction with ribbed carpet inserts in a large range of colours and virtually unlimited special shapes, emco accessories for entrance mats allow you enormous creative freedom.

Stainless steel profile: emco INOX®

emco INOX® is made to measure! We use laser technology to cut logos and texts out of high-quality chrome-nickel steel to within a millimetre.

To ensure that emco INOX® can stand up to heavy loads for a long time, the profile is structurally reinforced by an additional component. This means that your individual emco INOX® insert is perfectly protected from sagging!

Use emco INOX® to make your emco entrance mat a distinctive advertising medium.

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emco T-profile

Aluminium profile for creating visual separation of adjacent entrance mats. Available for mat heights of 17 and 22 mm.

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emco cover strips

Designed to protect and cover highly mitred and angled edges in specially shaped emco entrance mats.

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emco installation frames

The emco installation frame 500 consists of angled profiles with mitred corners. The sturdy gusset plates supplied ensure a screw connection that is true to size.

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A brilliant effect.

emco Lumina allows your entrance area to appear inviting when dusk falls and in the dark winter nights. Our Illuminated frame system with dots of lights provides reliable orientation and a special atmosphere. emco Lumina is maintenance-free and energy-saving!

Simply combine emco Lumina with all emco entrance mats with an profile height of 22 mm.

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a special highlight

The emco Lumina Via illuminated frame system is the elegant solution that is designed to enhance your emco entrance mat systems: choosing individual colours and effects are easliy control using a remote control unit, a tablet computer or a smartphone.

Combine emco's tried-and-tested entrance mats with the emco LED frame system and turn a simple entrance area into a real highlight.

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emco ramp edge:
No more stumbling!

Avoid accidents. Thanks to an inclined surface and a profiled aluminium tread surface, the emco ramp edge allows you to use the mat without the risk of stumbling.

The ramp edge is suitable for emco DIPLOMAT entrance mats, which are fitted flush with the finished floor. This means that you do not have to do without emco entrance mats even if you have no mat well!

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emco dirt collection wells

Simply contain the increased accumulation of dirt in very busy entrance areas. Dirt collection wells by emco: the practical addition for our MARSCHALL, PLAZA and SENATOR W/S heavy-duty entrance mats.

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emco substructure

As a particularly effective alternative to emco dirt collection wells, emco substructures can contain extreme dirt accumulation even with very long cleaning intervals.

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