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High-quality entrance mat: durable and eco friendly


High-quality entrance mat: durable and eco friendly

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER is the perfect entrance mat for ecological projects: in nature, there is no such thing as waste. The innovative concept of emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats is based on nature's example. Waste creation is avoided from the start.

emco follows a progressive and systematic eco-friendly approach. In production and disposal, products are constantly fed back into a cycle that is consistently aligned with environmental principles.

With emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats, the opportunities for later re-utilisation are already taken into account at the design stage, well before production even starts. The result is sustainable quality and 100% recyclability!

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emco ECOLINE® PIONEER: fully recyclable and high performing

100% recyclable

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats are 100% recyclable. This conserves resources and promotes the ecological reputation of a project.

Traps fine dust

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER traps the fine dust that is hazardous to health with above-average effectiveness. It protects health and ensures maximum cleanliness.

Free recovery

emco takes back components from ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats free of charge: putting recycling into practice! You can avoid disposal costs and protect the environment.

Protect your health and the environment

Dust control: breathe easy

Protect your health and the environment

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER is good for your health: thanks to DESSO AirMaster® patented technology, emco ECOLINE® PIONEER traps particularly large amounts of fine dust with the extremely small loops in its ribs and its wide profile. The result is yet another benefit for users, as even small quantities of fine dust can be harmful to health.

Particularly ideal for entrance areas with air curtain systems or open doors, where fine dust is constantly being stirred up. Stay healthy and protect the environment with the emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mat with optimised fine dust control!

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Flexible Design

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER adapts to suit your wishes. The design is available in practically any geometric shape. And you can choose from four different colours.

Cleaning efficiency

The eco-friendly construction of the emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mat doesn’t limit its cleaning efficiency in any way: for outstanding results.

Strongly resilient

ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats from emco are robust and extremely resilient, in the familiar emco quality. For indoor and covered outdoor areas.


We are here to help you: we’ll assist you with your emco ECOLINE® PIONEER right from the start. With emco’s associated large-building service, you’ll always receive the best possible advice. 

Ecological entrance mat: rigorously thought through

Sustainable building Green building: emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats

Sustainable building 

Green building: emco ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mats

Building certification is important, but complex. The demanding task of designing sustainable buildings requires an approach in which every component is taken into account. It’s good to know that there’s a “green solution" for your entrance area.

With the ECOLINE® PIONEER entrance mat, emco makes a valuable contribution to the quality of a building. Green building with emco!

Desso AirMaster® floor covering Strength & quality combined to protect the environment

Desso AirMaster® floor covering

Strength & quality combined to protect the environment

emco works closely with DESSO, internationally renowned manufacturer of high-grade textile floor coverings: this Cradle to Cradle® company supplies the inserts for emco ECOLINE® PIONEER.

Over almost 80 years, DESSO has earned an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality carpet tiles, carpets and artificial turf, with sophisticated design and the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy as its focus. 

DESSO & emco: a strong partnership for eco-friendly entrance mats and sustainability.

From recyclable materials to raw materials emco ECOLINE® PIONEER: the eternal cycle

emco ECOLINE® PIONEER: the eternal cycle

From recyclable materials to raw materials

At the end of its life cycle, an entrance mat such as emco ECOLINE® PIONEER doesn't simply end up in landfill. The mat can be returned and its components separated out. These can then be put to valuable and sustainable use in the production of a new entrance mat. 

In this way raw materials can be recovered from valuable recyclables, and from those raw materials high-quality products can be made – quite a number of them in this case: the aluminium profile, footfall sound insulation and spacers from thermoplastic elastomer, the wire cable and screws from stainless steel, the screw nipple from brass, the DESSO EcoBase® backing material and the polyamide insert.

Help us to protect the environment and choose an emco entrance mat: the ECOLINE® PIONEER!

Perfect for Zone 2: eco friendly and durable

system combination for reducing dirt

3-zone-cleaning from emco

The ideal system combination for reducing dirt

The emco 3-zone cleaning system is our proven combination for effectively reducing dirt. An emco entrance mat for any zone is individually tailored to your specific situation and fits organically into your building project.

The 3-zone cleaning system is perfect for shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices, car dealerships and all other buildings with high levels of footfall. It reduces cleaning costs and protects adjacent floor coverings and building facilities. The system features non-slip properties and helps prevent accidents from happening.

All emco innovations such as the tactile guidance system or the SENATOR OUTDOOR can be easily integrated into your cleaning system. Keeping entrance areas clean – with emco!

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