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3-Zone cleaning The perfect system combination for reducing dirt

3-Zone cleaning

The perfect system combination for reducing dirt

emco’s 3-zone cleaning is our tried-and-tested system for effective dirt reduction: individually tailored to the particular conditions of your building.

Shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices: the 3-zone cleaning system from emco is the best choice for every building with high levels of footfall!

Not all dirt is equal

Much more than a doormat!

Your entrance is exposed to different kinds of dirt as the weather and the seasons change. At the same time, it makes sense that a single entrance mat cannot be optimised for every kind of dirt and grime. That is why emco 3-zone cleaning combines different specialised mats to create a sensible system: optimised for your needs!

We have something against dirt: emco 3-zone cleaning.

The three zones in detail

Zone 1: coarse dirt

Coarse dirt is rubbed off in the first zone by rubber or cassette-brush inserts. Inside or outside: with certified slip resistance!

Zone 2: fine dirt

Ribbed carpet inserts for the removal of fine dirt. The non-slip insert material can be used in indoor areas and in covered outdoor areas.

Zone 3: damp dirt

Inside buildings, the non-slip C/R/O clean-off floor coverings are extremely effective at absorbing moisture and residual dirt, and preventing footprints.

Zone 1 Coarse dirt in outdoor areas

Zone 1

Coarse dirt in outdoor areas

Entrance mats from emco have a high cleaning performance, thanks to functional inserts in aluminium support chassis. Rubber and cassette-brush inserts are particularly effective at removing coarse dirt in the first zone of the 3-zone cleaning system. They are robust and weather proof and can be used both indoors and in unprotected outdoor areas. emco inserts come with a certificate of their slip resistance.

emco entrance mat systems are adaptable. With the numerous mat types, and various construction heights and material thicknesses, a clean entrance area doesn't need to be left to chance: dirt-trapping capacity and wear resistance can be selected specifically for your requirements. Even in extreme situations, emco has the right entrance mat: with drive-over capability for pallet trucks and goods vehicles.

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Zone 2 Fine dirt in indoor and covered outdoor areas

Zone 2

Fine dirt in indoor and covered outdoor areas

emco entrance mats with robust ribbed carpet inserts are particularly suitable for the removal of fine dirt. Their certified slip resistance is classified by the DIN 51130 standard as R11: ideal for use both indoors and in covered outdoor areas.  

Four construction heights and two material thicknesses mean maximum customisation in function and design. The emco DIPLOMAT and SENATOR entrance mats can be optionally made even more effective with the addition of two further profile elements. In particularly dirt-prone areas, we recommend a combination with rubber inserts or cassette brushes. Entrance mats from emco: keeping entrance areas clean with ease, with the 3-zone cleaning system!

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Zone 3 Damp dirt and residual dirt in indoor areas

Zone 3

Damp dirt and residual dirt in indoor areas

Special hollow fibres are particularly effective at drawing moisture and residual dirt into the fibres. Dirt particles are trapped and thus not carried further into the building. The result is the long-term prevention of unsightly footprints. Clean-off floor coverings can be laid as mats or across the whole area. Mats that trap damp dirt and residual dirt are available in an extensive range of colours and designs. This means they can be perfectly integrated into the building's architecture and the design of the other cleaning zones.

Clean-off material is the perfect complement to the emco entrance matting system elements in zones 1 and 2.

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3-zone-cleaning: tailored performance, perfect design

Preventive cleanliness Avoid dirt before it occurs!

Preventive cleanliness

Avoid dirt before it occurs!

There's no second chance to make a first impression: your entrance area is your calling card. Cleanliness and a harmonious design in the entrance represent order and perfection – values that enhance every company and every building!

With emco 3-zone cleaning, entrances are transformed into immaculate reception rooms – and entire buildings are efficiently protected against dirt.

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emco entrance mats: individual and high performing Tailored performance, perfect design

emco entrance mats: individual and high performing

Tailored performance, perfect design

3-zone cleaning is adaptable: according to the available space in the building, or in the indoor and outdoor area.

And it’s not just a matter of size: even if larger spaces offer more chance of avoiding dirt being tracked further into the building, emco’s innovative entrance mat solutions mean excellent results can be achieved even in small spaces! 

For example: if need be, you can combine zones 1 and 2 in an emco entrance mat system. This saves room without having to sacrifice the important cleaning stages: emco – keeping entrance areas clean!

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Discover the possibilities!

Clean-off covering, high-quality and effective

emco clean-off system

The first impression: cleanliness. 

Your entrance area has a significant influence on the first impressions your customers and business partners receive. Be that consciously or unconsciously!

High-quality emco clean-off coverings prevent dirt and moisture in buildings. This helps you to improve your image and reduce cleaning costs. emco clean-off coverings therefore also reduce the risk of accidents caused by wetness and moisture.

Prevent dirt in your building. Cut cleaning costs. Ensure safety. emco has the perfect clean-off solution for every application.

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The classic mat: entrance mats in outdoor areas, porches and indoor clean-off areas.


If it’s not possible to lay a mat in the outdoor area, all three zones can be laid indoors.


If it’s not possible to lay a mat in the indoor area because of the walking depth, zone 2 can be laid in a covered outdoor area.