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Clean-off covering, high-quality and effective

emco clean-off system

The first impression: cleanliness. 

Your entrance area has a significant influence on the first impressions your customers and business partners receive. Be that consciously or unconsciously!

High-quality emco clean-off coverings prevent dirt and moisture in buildings. This helps you to improve your image and reduce cleaning costs. emco clean-off coverings therefore also reduce the risk of accidents caused by wetness and moisture.

Prevent dirt in your building. Cut cleaning costs. Ensure safety. emco has the perfect clean-off solution for every application.

Clean-off: effectively reduce dirt with emco!

Reduce costs with clean-off coverings

Clean-off cuts costs

The investment pays itself off in just six months!

Clean-off coverings reduce cleaning costs. Cleaning intervals can be extended. It takes an average of six months to pay off the purchase costs of your emco clean-off zone. This does not take account of possible costs arising due to an accident that creates the need for medical care, compensation or that causes loss of earnings.

What's more, dirt and moisture are also absorbed between cleaning intervals. Your entrance area will therefore always make a clean impression. And your floor covering is protected, meaning it doesn't need to be replaced nearly so often.

Cut costs and choose clean-off from emco!

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Effective functioning

Clean-off from emco reduces soiling in the building. Every foot takes at least three steps after every 5–6 m. This enables optimum cleaning performance and means that dirt is absorbed effectively.

Tested for cleanliness

Test results prove that clean-off coverings from emco take up about 65% of the dirt and up to 90% of the moisture. The special arrangement of the hollow fibres in the clean-off material provides optimum cover of the absorbed dirt.

Avoid slipping with clean-off

Avoid accidents with clean-off!

Safety: considerable added benefits for you.

Tripping, slipping, falling: several hundred thousand accidents occur in this way year on year. Along with the pain of those affected, accidents of this kind also have considerable economic consequences. If accidents of this kind occur in your building, then you are liable. Both morally and financially!

The costs of medical care are estimated at approximately 330 million euros each year. The number of lost hours at work is even greater: approximately 8 billion euros each year (information from the VBG German employer's liability insurance association).

Protect yourself against accidents caused by damp or wet floors! Clean-off coverings from emco reliably absorb moisture and therefore prevent wet floors.

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Clean-off covering produced sustainably

Clean-off with Econyl®

Reduce pollutants, protect the environment!

You don't need to clean the floor nearly as much with clean-off. This doesn't just save money – the significantly lower usage of chemical cleaning agents also protects the environment.

But emco goes one step further – many clean-off coverings are manufactured from sustainably produced recycled materials. Econyl® is ecologically recycled, premium nylon. Manufactured from nylon waste.

Combine excellent cleaning performance, outstanding cost-effectiveness and consistent environmental protection – now with clean-off from emco!

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Perfectly integrated: 3-zone cleaning with clean-off

system combination for reducing dirt

3-zone-cleaning from emco

The ideal system combination for reducing dirt

The emco 3-zone cleaning system is our proven combination for effectively reducing dirt. An emco entrance mat for any zone is individually tailored to your specific situation and fits organically into your building project.

The 3-zone cleaning system is perfect for shopping centres, schools, day nurseries, public offices, car dealerships and all other buildings with high levels of footfall. It reduces cleaning costs and protects adjacent floor coverings and building facilities. The system features non-slip properties and helps prevent accidents from happening.

All emco innovations such as the tactile guidance system or the SENATOR OUTDOOR can be easily integrated into your cleaning system. Keeping entrance areas clean – with emco!

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Clean-off planning

Benefit from our experience!

We are happy to help you plan your clean-off solution. Benefit from years of experience and the flexibility afforded by a provider who is able to supply a full range of solutions. emco is there to offer advice and follow it through. And it will do so in a way that fits exactly with your project and requirements to ensure the best-possible cleaning results.

Our clean-off experts consider system solutions that go far beyond simple clean-off mats. Take our advice and opt for products with German Engineering, as well as over 50 years of skilled experience in keeping entrance areas clean.

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Variety: clean-off products from emco

Full range of clean-off products from emco

Clean-off range

A great selection: perfect for architects!

emco offers a wide range of high-quality clean-off coverings. Our products are well suited to any room. From infrequent to heavy usage. PREMIUM is our clean-off covering for rooms with especially high demands.

Colours: almost anything is possible! Custom-produced floors. According to your design. With your logo. MAXIMUS Image displays advertisements and information.

Be inspired! Choose from a wide range of clean-off coverings, specialised in terms of both function and appearance. We're happy to advise you!

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