Swimming pool grates repair & spare parts

Repair instead of replace – act sustainably!

Are your colored Swimming pool grates in the entry area faded, have large gaps or is the bar broken? Do your functional gratings need to be adapted for the pool conversion? At emco Pool gratingsn, the ability to repair and the availability of spare parts is a key quality feature. We also support you with our know-how and try to find a solution for other brands. After all, repairing, rebuilding or renewing parts instead of replacing them not only saves money, but also resources and is therefore sustainable.

We are there for you – regardless of the manufacturer!


Why you should repair swimming pool grates

  • Exposed channels pose an accident risk
  • Bar spacings >8mm to avoid catching fingers are not permitted in accordance with DIN EN 16582-1
    and DIN EN 13451-1.
  • Product repairs save resources

emco advantages

  • emco swimming pool grates are repairable
  • Extensive range of spare parts
  • Special tools are not absolutely necessary for repairs
  • Can be carried out by emco customer service
  • Repairs or conversion work are checked independently of the manufacturer

Repair of your pool gratings

  • Implementation on site
  • Removal of the pool grating from the overflow channel
  • Securing the repair area with warning signs
  • Carrying out the agreed repair
  • Reinstallation of the swimming pool grating incl. fine adjustment
  • Condition check
  • Photo documentation before/after
  • Sending the documents to the client
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of the replaced parts

Our spare parts service:

  • Advice on the required spare parts
  • Express shipping of spare parts possible
  • Easy replacement of rods, ropes, spacer rollers

Your contact for renovation & renewal

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