Commercial entrance mats repair & spare parts

Repairing instead of throwing away – promoting sustainability

Bent bars, a torn rope, missing inlay strips or a broken entrance mat: these are all possible defects that can occur after years of intensive use. In such cases, the ability to repair and the availability of spare parts is a key quality feature. After all, repairing instead of replacing not only saves money, but also resources and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Thanks to their design, emco Commercial entrance mats

are not only repairable, but spare parts are also available for all components used. In addition, we support you during repairs with our technical customer service. We have recognized this: The reparability of our products is of great importance for our customers and the protection of resources.

And the best thing? We support you regardless of brand.


Most important facts

  • Damaged mats can pose an accident risk
  • Defective commercial entrance mats can affect the sensor technology of automatic doors
  • emco Commercial entrance mats are repairable
  • All components used are available as spare parts
  • No special tools are required for repairs
  • Product repairs save resources
  • Can be carried out by emco customer service

Repair of your entrance mat

  • Implementation on site
  • If necessary: Removal of the entrance mat from the mat bed
  • During removal:
    • Securing the empty mat bed with warning signs
    • Use of start-up ramps in the mat bed for continued operation of the entrance
    • Cleaning the mat bed in the affected area
    • Beating out the coarse dirt from the entrance mat
  • Carrying out the agreed repair
  • Carrying out further Kleinstreparaturen
  • Reinstallation of the mat according to the installation plan, including the installation of removed mat connectors and fine adjustment
  • Condition check
  • Photo documentation before/after
  • Sending the documents to the client
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of the replaced parts and cleaning residues

Spare parts for commercial entrance mats

  • Advice on the required spare parts:
    • inlays
    • Connecting ropes
    • profiles
    • etc.
  • Express shipping of spare parts possible

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