Commercial entrance mats cleaning service

Ensure functionality with the emco cleaning service

During the dark and cold months of the year, Commercial entrance mats are subjected to particularly heavy loads. Road salt, slush, snow, moisture: all of these can push commercial entrance mats to their limits. This limit can even be exceeded if the ratio of footfall to mat size is unfavorable. As a minimum, the product should therefore be prepared for the critical phase before winter and then cleaned of any dirt that has collected. Of course, we are here for you: benefit from the emco cleaning service! Our scope of services starts with checking the condition of the mat, includes removal, cleaning and reinstallation and ends with the environmentally friendly disposal of the cleaning residues. We are the competent partner at your side every step of the way.


This is why professional cleaning is important

  • An average of 7g of dirt per person is carried into a building through various adhesions
  • Floor coverings are decisive cost drivers in the building over the course of their life
    • 10% of the cost of floor coverings is due to purchase
    • 4% of flooring costs are related to repairs
    • 86% of the cost of flooring is due to cleaning
  • The use of functional commercial entrance mats reduces cleaning costs in relation to the dirt carried in.
  • Cleaning intervals can be extended considerably
  • The service life of downstream floors is extended due to
    • Less dirt ingress
    • Extended cleaning intervals (less use of chemicals and water)

Cleaning intervals in days

 with emco Commercial entrance carpets system

 without emco Commercial entrance carpets system

Our cleaning service in detail

  • On-site implementation
  • Removal of the entrance mat from the mat bed
  • Securing the empty mat bed with warning signs
  • Use of start-up ramps in the mat bed for continued operation of the entrance
  • Cleaning the mat bed
  • Knocking out coarse dirt from the entrance mat
  • Brushing off the Commercial entrance mat profiles
  • Pre-treatment of inlay with environmentally friendly special enzyme cleaner
  • Cleaning the entrance mat with a brush cleaning device to restore the fibers*
  • Reinstallation of the mat according to the installation plan incl. mat connectors removed during installation and fine adjustment
  • Condition check
  • Photo documentation before/after
  • Sending the documents to the client
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of cleaning residues

* For products with textile inlays


  • Cleaning is only possible if the product is free of defects (inlays are present, wire rope connections are intact)
  • Cleaning is intended for textile inlays. Other inlays on request.

If required, we can also support you in drawing up an individual maintenance plan


Do you want to clean your entrance mat yourself?

No problem! We can also help you with this. All the necessary information is summarized here:

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