Changing the inlay

Replacing the ribbing to ensure the cleaning function

As with a floor covering, the inlay of the entrance mat is also subject to wear and tear. While quirks, stains and scratches appear on the floor covering, the inlay of the entrance mat is worn down by the permanent load. This gradually reduces the cleaning function without it being immediately noticeable until, in the worst case, cleaning is no longer possible. Replacing the ribbed inlay not only restores the entrance mat, but also protects the floor covering from damage thanks to the improved cleaning performance. Avoid a loss of function of your entrance mat and replace the ribbed insert now!


That’s why you should have your inlays changed

  • On average, a person carries 7g of dirt into a building in the form of various deposits.
  • The costs incurred in the building are mainly caused by the floor coverings – these must be reduced
    • 10% of the costs are caused by the purchase of floor coverings
    • 4% of costs are caused by repairs to floor coverings
    • 86% of costs are caused by cleaning floor coverings (according to a study by ISS Research international)
  • The cleaning costs caused by dirt are reduced by the functionality of the commercial entrance mats.
  • A considerable extension of the cleaning intervals is possible
    • The service life of floor coverings can be extended by reducing the amount of dirt tracked in
    • Reduced use of chemicals and water

Cleaning intervals in days

 with emco Commercial entrance carpets system

 without emco Commercial entrance carpets system

How we change the inlay

  • Implementation on site
  • Remove the entrance mat from the mat bed
  • Warning signs secure the empty mat bed
  • Start-up ramps in the mat bed allow the entrance to continue operating
  • Cleaning the mat bed
  • Knock coarse dirt out of the entrance mat
  • Brush off commercial entrance mat profiles
  • Remove worn textile insert
  • Insert new textile insert with special machine in desired color
  • Secure inlays in the profile
  • Carry out minor repairs
  • Reinstall the mat according to the installation plan, including the installation of the removed mat connectors and fine adjustment
  • Condition check
  • Photo documentation before / after
  • Send documents to the client
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of cleaning residues

If required, we can also support you in drawing up an individual maintenance plan

Maintenance of your entrance mat

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