emco DIPLOMAT Original SPIN®Safe With ribbed carpet insert 12 SPIN/R

The tactile guidance system for the very highest standards in design and functionality.

  • Indoor and outdoor (covered, Zone 1+2)
  • Street dust, hair, sand, ash, textile fibres, small leaves and twigs, etc.
  • 4 year warranty
  • R 11 slip resistance as per DIN 51130
  • The emco entrance mat as a guidance system for the visually impaired

Entrance design
With emco DIPLOMAT Original SPIN®Safe With ribbed carpet insert 12 SPIN/R.

Anthracite no. 200

Anthracite no. 200

Technical data

Approx. height (mm)
Roll-over and drive-over capability:Wheelchairs
Sack-/hand truck
Standard profile clearance approx. (mm)5 mm, rubber spacers
ConnectionPlastic-coated steel cable
Max. width/profile length for individual section (mm):1200
Profile width (mm)28.65 mm
Depth/walking depth for individual section (mm):800
Support chassisReinforced support chassis made using rigid aluminium with sound absorbing insulation on the underside
Tread surfaceRecessed, robust, weather-proof coarse-fibre ribbed carpet strips (brand-name fibres) for even better dirt removal. Combined with stainless steel tiles for optimum way guidance for the blind in the entrance area.
Slip resistanceSlip-resistance of the insert: R11, slip-resistance of the stainless steel tiles: R10 (in accordance with DIN 51130)
Colour fastness to artificial light ISO 105-B02good 6
Colour fastness to rubbing ISO 105 X12good 4
Colour fastness to water ISO 105 E01good 5
Technical drawingemco DIPLOMAT Original SPIN®Safe With ribbed carpet insert 12 SPIN/R


  • Measured using laser measuring device on site.
  • Fitting and installation service
  • Construction site advice
  • Dimensioning
  • Installation service
  • Repairs
  • The product can be disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Cleaning by mobile mat cleaning system



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