emco dirt collection well 5512AL

emco dirt collection wells are required to counter the increased dirt levels in heavily frequented entrance areas. When combined with the matching emco entrance mat, they form a closed system which reduces dirt transference and protects adjacent indoor floor coverings.

  • Outside (Zone 1)
  • Street dust, hair, sand, ash, textile fibres, small leaves and twigs, loose chippings, coarse sand, small gravel particles
  • Indoor and outdoor (covered, Zone 1+2)
  • Damp street dust, damp sand deposits, dust, etc.

Technical data

Weight (kg/m²)8.5
Suitable forMARSCHALL 12
Also available in large variants.
Approx. material thickness (mm)3,0
StructureAn dirt-collection well unit can consist of either a single-piece well, or multiple wells with different widths and depths that are assembled consecutively in a modular fashion. From a visual and functional perspective, the entrance mat is manufactured in the same size with an edging frame.
MaterialAluminium, bonded and waterproof, interior completely smooth for easy cleaning. Also available in stainless steel (V2A) on request.
Additional dataThe support for the entrance mat is integrated in the well.
Larger dimensionsMultiple well units are placed next to each other on site to make a single system.
Drainage systemThis type of well does not have a drainage system
Well overall height15mm
Max. well width, one piece (mm)2800
Max. well depth, one piece (mm)1300


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