Dirt collection wells

for extreme quantities of dirt

directly to the products

Absorb a lot of dirt.
Drain off water.

Absorb large amounts of dirt, drain off moisture. Before floors in the building are damaged.

Dirt collection wells are used wherever large quantities of dirt accumulate. If large quantities of water have to be removed from an outdoor mat, it makes sense to connect the dirt collection well to a drainage system.

Alternatively, we can offer a substructure. The advantage of the substructure is that any height differences can be compensated in the substructure.

Did you know ...

  • you can choose the height of the well?
  • a heavy-duty version of the dirt collection well is also available?
  • the well can be easily installed as there are no screw fixings on the underside?
  • multiple wells can be connected to each other with a single drain?
  • you can specify the length of the waste pipe for connection to the greywater system?
  • there are three drain sizes?

Perfectly matched to the on-site conditions

The drainage system consists of a flat, corrosion-resistant stainless steel strainer and an aluminium or stainless steel waste pipe (depending on the well material) for onward connection to the waste water system.

Well set with water overflow connections

An emco dirt collection well unit can consist of either a single well, or multiple wells that are assembled in a modular fashion. Width, depth and even height are variable. You can specify every dimension of the unit.

Easier and quicker installation due to the well’s smooth underside

From a visual and functional perspective, the entrance mat is manufactured either in the same size without a frame, or – more commonly – with a frame. The aluminium material is welded watertight and has a completely smooth interior for easy cleaning. Dirt collection wells are also available on request in stainless steel. The support profiles are made from the same material as the frame. They are spaced at distances from 150 mm to a maximum of 300 mm, with recesses for all-round water drainage. The support profiles are always installed perpendicular to the entrance mat profiles for reasons of stability.

guidance for the visually-impaired

Find out more about how to remove extreme levels of dirt and moisture with our dirt collection wells and protect your floors.
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Special cases

With types 5000 and 5000+, there is no surrounding edging frame for the entrance mat. MARSCHALL PREMIUM, MARSCHALL ORIGINAL and PLAZA are larger due to their special design and can be fitted with an additional frame on request. With types 5022 and 5022+, the frame for the emco entrance mat is incorporated into the well.

Heavy-duty solutions

In the event of heavy loading, such as overrolling with electric pallet trucks, types 5000+ and 5022+ are to be used. The mat/well system has a galvanised steel grid reinforcement and the support profiles are spaced at a maximum of 150 mm. This provides extra stability.

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