Design in the entrance area

Premium entrance mats.
Premium in function and design.

Enhanced functionality and new design possibilities.
Wide profiles for an even appearance. New inserts with additional functions
and even better cleaning performance.

DS class
Increase by 40%
Reduced by 20 dB
mats Tested for emissions/pollutants
Premium Matte gegen Feuchtigkeit
Fire protection class A1
Eingangsmatte mit vielen Einsatzmöglichkeiten
TÜV-certified entrance mats

Premium entrance mats.

For exclusive entrance areas.

The DIPLOMAT Premium and MARSCHALL Premium entrance mats are TÜV tested. Your property is protected from dirt and moisture, which also improves safety. Your valuable floor coverings are preserved. Cleaning costs are reduced. Ecological aspects also improve. You have the freedom to continue your style consistently in the entrance area as well.

Eingangsmatte mit TÜV Zertifikat und Brandschutz


emco DIPLOMAT is suitable for normal to heavy loads. It can be used anywhere and is the perfect solution for common structural and functional demands.

Eingangsmatte mit TÜV Zertifikat und Brandschutz


emco MARSCHALL for extreme loads. The entrance mat can be rolled over with a fork-lift truck and driven over by a car. You still have all the creative freedom you need. Perfect for buildings with extremely heavy loads.

Six inserts and a
wide range of colours.

Premium inserts are available in different colours and
give you the freedom to fully implement your design in the entrance
area too. The right insert for every application.

Eingangsmatte mit Premium Einlage für den Außenbereich

Suitable for outdoor use. Good scratching properties. Particularly abrasion-resistant with optimised coarse dirt uptake. Lively appearance.

Eingangsmatten Premium Einlage robust und widerstandsfähig

Particularly robust and resistant. Effective dirt reduction and high UV resistance. Effectively protects high-quality floor coverings.

bedruckbare Premium Einlage für Alumatten als Tufting-Velour

High-quality tufted velour with excellent dirt collection properties. Optimum yarn mix for dirt uptake. Custom printing.

recycelte Premium Einlage für Aluprofilmatten

Made from regenerated resources (Econyl). Insert with carpet character and elegant colouring. Very firm surface structure.

exklusive Premium Velours Einlage für Eingangsmatten

Particularly exclusive velour. Made from regenerated resources (Econyl). Colours go particularly well with wooden floors. Thus highly versatile.

Einlage für Eingangsmatten in repräsentativer Optik

Has a distinguished appearance and is particularly effective in concealing dirt. Improves room acoustics.

Discerning customers use
emco Premium entrance mats

Maintain value. Designing your entrance area. With emco Premium entrance mats, you
have new options at your disposal for maintaining a clean entrance area. Two profile widths,
three profile heights, two profile thicknesses. With Premium inserts.

Type of dirt
Roll-over and drive-over capability
Approx. height (mm)
additional profile
profile width
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